Bedbugs in Paris: To go or not to go? Here’s what we know about the pesky problem!

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Paris, the world's most visited city, is facing a bedbug challenge. While there have been sightings in homes, cinemas, trains, and hospitals, it has raised concerns about travel safety and potential infestations in other places including London, and New York, given that plenty of people travel to these two cities from Paris, frequently.

Interestingly, Paris is familiar with both travelers and bedbugs. In 2022 alone, it welcomed 44 million tourists. Between 2017 and 2022, ANSES, the French health and safety agency, noted that over 10% of French households had bedbug issues. The recent spike in bedbug infestations is attributed to increased global travel and the bugs developing resistance to conventional insecticides, making them more challenging to eliminate. These pests prefer mattresses and bed frames, waiting to feast on human blood as people sleep. They're also great hitchhikers, traveling with humans on clothes, suitcases, and handbags, spreading to new areas. As creepy and icky as it all sounds, does it mean you should cancel your holiday? Absolutely not!

Is Paris safe to visit?

Bedbugs in Paris

Absolutely! While there's a bedbug concern, it's not city-wide. And unfortunately, it got a lot of attention because a lot of celebrities and influencers happened to be in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. This threw the creatures much more into the spotlight that they perhaps deserved! Still, better safe than sorry. Before traveling, check with your accommodation about any current infestations and the preventive measures they've employed. There are no official advisories to keep you away from Paris, so you’re good to go. Just be a bit careful.

How to avoid bedbugs?

  • Check your hotel room: Look for signs of bedbugs before settling in. Rust-colored dots on the mattress, pale yellow eggs about 1 millimeter wide, or a distinct musty odor are indicators.
  • Inspect your luggage: Before leaving, thoroughly inspect your luggage for any bugs or signs of infestation.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Regularly wash and heat-dry your bed linens, curtains, and clothes to kill any bedbugs.

Yes, the bedbug issue in Paris is concerning, but with the right precautions, you can enjoy your visit without any pesky problems.

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Bedbugs in Paris