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Traveling From Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans | All You Need To Know

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The city of Amsterdam welcomes diversity with open arms and is devoid of the mechanical urgency that everyone's looking out to avoid on vacations. Amsterdam also lies in close proximity to Zaanse Schans, the home of Dutch pastoral delight. Dotted with winsome windmills and little green wooden house, the neighborhood of Zaanse Schans is sure to capture your imagination. Zaanse Schans also has a number of museums that narrate the history of the various aspects of the Dutch lifestyle. It can be safely said that a trip to the Netherlands is not complete without visiting Zaanse Schans, especially when it lies less than half an hour away from Amsterdam.

Zaanse Schans Windmills

Traveling from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans


20 km/12.4 mi

Average Time Taken

The average time to travel from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans is about 30 minutes

Cheapest Way to travel from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans

The cheapest way to travel from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans is by train

Fastest way to travel from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans

The fastest way to travel from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans is by car and takes about 25 minutes

Most comfortable way to travel from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans

The most comfortable way to travel from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans by a guided tour as everything is organized and you just have to hop on and hop off between attractions.

Best Ways to Travel from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans

From Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans by Bus

Buses are believed to be the easiest way to travel to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam. There are plenty of buses departing from Amsterdam for Zaanse Schans. The Connexxion Bus 391 connects the Amsterdam Central station to Zaanse Schans. These buses leave Amsterdam every 15 minutes and the journey takes roughly 40 minutes. Amsterdam and Region Travel Tickets cover this route. You can also buy one way and day passes from the bus driver. The bus takes the S118 and then the A10 to Zaanse Schans.

From Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans by Train

Although not the most comfortable, a journey from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans in a train takes a little less time than on the bus. You can book an online ticket for the sprinter and travel to the nearest station Zaandijk- Zaanse Schans in less than 20 minutes. The problem with this route, however, is that you have to take a 10-minute walk through the suburb via Julianabrug Zaandijk to reach Zaanse Schans from the railway station. The directions have been clearly demarcated from the station.

From Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans by Car

Zaanse Schans isn’t very far from Amsterdam. If you have your own car or are going to opt for a rental, you could end up saving a lot of time on the commute. Since the car ride will take you to your exact destination, it will be more comfortable than other mediums that require walking. From Amsterdam, take the IJtunnel to A10 and follow it to Zaandijk. From there, take the N515 to Zaanse Schans past St. Michaël College. Without traffic, this 20 km journey will take around 18 minutes.

Amsterdam To Zaanse Schans By Boat

Zaanse Schans derives its name from the defensive hold that was housed in the neighborhood on the bank of the river Zaan. This river flows by both Amsterdam and Zaanse Schans and serves as a waterway for the Zaanferry to operate. With the hop on hop off tickets, you could also get down at Zaandam Center if you wish. Other attractions that lie along the way are Port of Amsterdam, EYE film museum, A’DAM Tower, Mysterious Hembrug Terrain, to name a few. The ferry is fully heated to cop with the weather and has a well-stocked bar.

Amsterdam To Zaanse Schans Biking Route

Zaanse Schans neighborhood is famous for its quaint natural beauty. As such, a biking tour might not be a bad idea. You can get rental bikes from Amsterdam and cross the IJ on a ferry. After that, you will reach the town of Zaandam. From here you will have to head north through the reclaimed land. Shortly after that, you will catch a glimpse of the iconic windmills and wooden houses that are synonymous to Dutch heritage. Zaanse Schans has eight of these windmills, painstakingly restored and diligently maintained.

Guided Tours From Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans

There are a few guided tours available to Zaanse Schans. The guided tours take you through the highlights of Zaanse Schans without you having to worry about the commute. A standard half-day tour of Zaanse Schans covers a comprehensive tour of the distinctive wooden houses and windmills of the neighborhood. You will also witness the open-air museum, the clog factory, and a cheese tasting accompanied by a live commentary that will help you apprehend the Dutch culture in the 18th and 19th century.

Is it possible to visit Volendam and the Zaanse Schans in one day?

Yes! It is possible to visit both these popular day trip destinations in one day. However, one look at the map will reveal that these attractions are on opposite sides of Amsterdam. If you do not have two separate days to visit Zaanse Schans and Volendam, you can opt for a guided tour that covers both the attractions. These trips start at the windmills of Zaanse Schans and then takes you to the Edam to feast on some of the best local cheese. It ends at Volendam, the home of the Visafslag, St. Vincent’s Church, and Stolphoevekerk. These trips are time efficient, economic, and feature tour commentary that provides you with interesting nuggets of information about Dutch culture and history. Read more about planning a day trip from Amsterdam to Volendam here.

Best Time to Visit Zaanse Schans

Winters are definitely not the time to explore Zaanse Schans despite negligible crowd as some of the windmills may not be accessible. The best time to visit Zaansche Schans is at the end of April. This is the time when the tulips are in full bloom and the Spring season is on. The weather is not frigid anymore and the crowd is yet to pile on during this time. You can combine your trip to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens with Zaanse Schans. A trip via the Zaanferry would be delightful in April.

Zaanse Schans Windmills

Tips for Going from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans

  • Pack comfortable walking shoes for the trip to Zaanse Schans. The neighborhood is quite appealing and you wouldn’t want uncomfortable shoes to prevent you from exploring it.
  • Stick to the dedicated bike lanes and footpaths if you are walking or biking to Zaanse Schans. This would enhance your experience without hampering the trip of other visitors.
  • Experience a working windmill. These mills served various purposes back in the days and some of these are still in operation. Seeing one of these in operation will transport you to simpler times.
  • Visit the Albert Heijn Grocery and explore the museum dedicated to Dutch coffee. The museum does not charge for admission.
  • Go cheese tasting at Cheese Farm De Catharinahoeve. They have an amazing variety of cheese to be tasted. If you wish, you could also be a part of a cheese-making demonstration.
  • Before planning your visit to Zaanse Schans, here's all you need to know about the best museums you have to hit up.