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St Pauli And Reeperbahn Tours

Explore the vibrant heart of Hamburg's entertainment and red-light district with our St Pauli and Reeperbahn Tours. Choose from a variety of experiences and dive into the unique atmosphere of St. Pauli and Reeperbahn!
St Pauli And Reeperbahn Tours


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sex & crime tour in st. pauli - above 18 only-1
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Sex & Crime Tour in St. Pauli - Above 18 Only

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Top Experiences

hamburg complete nightlife reeperbahn & st. pauli tour-1
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Hamburg Complete Nightlife Reeperbahn & St. Pauli Tour
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Rated 4.48 out of 5.0 from 1010 reviews.
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Guided Tour of Elbphilharmonie & St. Pauli
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red & blue light reeperbahn guided tour - above 18 only-1
Guided Tours
Red & Blue Light Reeperbahn Guided Tour - Above 18 Only
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Millions love heading out with us

Samuel Wilson


After booking from here i found out that a complimentary coupon booklet is included that helped us save money at various locations on the tour..
St. Pauli Guided Tour
Jimmy Allen


This tour turned out to be the most pleasant two and a half hours of my trip. Thoroughly informative interesting and entertaining.
St. Pauli Guided Tour
Betty Martin


We took this tour cause it included Hamburg Dungeon tickets which was excluded in many tours. REally worth taking the tour!
St. Pauli Guided & Reeperbahn Guided Tour with Hamburg Dungeon Tickets
Ruby Mitchell


The navigation on this website is pretty much sorted for a confused traveller like me. Always find good deals and good tours
St. Pauli Guided & Reeperbahn Guided Tour with Hamburg Dungeon Tickets
Paul Cooper


This tour is so necessary it you really want to get a real feel of how peeople in Hamburg Party. THe skip the line tickets were a boon
Walking Tour of Reeperbahn & St. Pauli
Tina Rogers


We visited all the 4 pubs listed on this tour and then went back to our favourtie one to spend the night with vIP access there.
Walking Tour of Reeperbahn & St. Pauli
Thomas Walzer


Kurzweilige Tour. Sehr netter Guide, der sehr gute Erklärungen und Geschichten erzählt hat. Zeit für Trinkstopps gab es auch ;-)
Sex & Crime Tour in St. Pauli - Above 18 Only
Magnus Volk, Dr.


Our guide Ulli was simply great, he comes from St. Pauli and was able to tell us a lot more behind the scenes than expected. Very authentic and genuine. Great. Highly recommended!
View original review in German
Sex & Crime Tour in St. Pauli - Above 18 Only

St Pauli And Reeperbahn Tours Guide

St. Pauli, Hamburg – the busy centre that makes up for the quarter of the city's district is famous for its football club, flashy vibes and Reeperbahn red district that offers the wildest nightlife one can imagine. Its vivid boroughs, flamboyant pubs, strip clubs, and erotic theatres constitute the iconic St. Pauli tours. What's unmissable is the iconic sinful mile located in the red light district in the Reeperbahn.
Here's everything you need to know before visiting this exciting attraction – top ticket options, timings, directions, and much more!
The guided tours are ideal for individuals curious about St. Pauli, with the help of a knowledgeable and friendly guide on board. In 2-2.5 hours, your guide will take you around the enigmatic surroundings of the place, including the infamous red-light district. You will also cover places like the smallest European police station, enticing streets of Sankt Pauli, fantastic drag bars, and every other nook of this renowned entertainment hub.

Recommended Experiences

This guided tour will allow you to experience and indulge in the enthralling nightlife of Hamburg while your guide shares exciting tales about the sinful mile, dancing towers, and musical and theatre mile of St. Pauli, amongst many other spots. Also, the tour includes one Reeperbahn shot and one beer. Post the tour, the guide will also offer the best club recommendation suitable to your musical taste!
Are you looking to go above and beyond the specific locations in St. Pauli? A combo tour will allow you to visit the legendary Elbphilharmonie and the famous St. Pauli district. You will also have an experienced guide, comfortably taking you around the landmarks while regaling the intriguing secrets and stories of the place and its people.

Recommended Experiences

The combo tour includes a 1-hour long tour of the interior and exterior of the Elbphilharmonie, a quick tube train to the Plaza, followed by a guided tour of St. Pauli and concluded with a complimentary beer and discounts for many other bars and clubs that you can visit post this tour.

If you want to explore the red-light district

A guided tour is the perfect option to explore the ins and outs of the red-light district and the other related places in the St. Pauli district. The guide will share knowledgeable information and insights about the sinful mile.

If you want to know experience the best nightlife

Guided tour tickets of Reeperbahn help you delve into Hamburg's fast-paced and exciting nightlife. Owing to the guide's presence, you will discover popular spots like dancing towers, a musical mile and the smallest European police station. At the same time, you also learn the lesser-known facts about these locations.

If you want to affordably discover more of St. Pauli

Combo tours will reduce your expenses and conserve your time with one ticket. You can enjoy attractions like Elbphilharmonie along with the standard tour to the nooks and corners of St. Pauli.


Headout provides 5% cashback on all the St. Pauli tours.
What are St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour hours? 
St. Pauli tour hours depend on the experience chosen by the visitor. Some tours kickstart at specific times, like 5:00 PM or 8:00 PM, while others offer flexible timings, such as 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 7:00 PM, etc., that one can choose from.
When are St. Pauli and Reeperbahn closed?
Most shops are closed in St. Pauli and Reeperbahn, Hamburg on Sunday as per the law.
What is the best time to visit St. Pauli and Reeperbahn?
Plan your trip to St. Pauli from June to August for the most pleasant visit since the weather is comfortable and cool.
How long is a St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour?
A standard St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour is around 2-3 hours, depending on the tour chosen.
Where is St. Pauli located?
St. Pauli is in Hamburg, Germany. 
How do I get to the St. Pauli and Reeperbahn?
You can reach St. Pauli and Reeperbahn via bus, train, subway or S-Bahn.
Can I take the metro/train to St. Pauli and Reeperbahn?
Yes, you can take metro/train to St. Pauli and Reeperbahn.
Can I take the bus to St. Pauli and Reeperbahn?
Yes, you can also take a bus to St. Pauli and Reeperbahn.
Are there any complimentary drinks with St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours?
Some St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours come with complimentary shots and beers.
Is photography permitted during St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour?
Yes, you can click photographs and record videos during your St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour.
What languages are the St. Pauli and Reeperbahn guided tours available in?
St. Pauli and Reeperbahn guided tours are generally offered in German, but you can request for English-speaking tour guide for private tours and experiences.
Are audio guides available for St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours?
No, there are no audio guides available for St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours. If you'd like, there certainly are experienced guides to take you around the tours.
There are a handful number of places to checkout during the St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours. Read along for further details about these spots and what makes them special.

Dancing Towers

Situated in Reeperbahn, the Dancing Towers is an architectural enigma. These two asymmetrical buildings are constructed with crooked edges and perfectly lean into each other's curvatures, offering a visual simulation of two towers dancing in perfect harmony. You will note several restaurants, a radio station, and a music club.

Zur Ritze Pub

Another spot that fascinates most St. Pauli visitors is the Zur Ritze bar in Reeperbahn. This same pub is known for being the training ground of the grand boxing champions like the Klitschko brothers and Mike Tyson. The place has a retro and rustic vibe owing to its interiors and many boxing souvenirs.

Kiez Neighbourhoods

The red-light district is one of the most legendary Kiez neighbourhoods in Hamburg, Berlin. Visiting this neighbourhood will offer you a deep insight into the regular lives and livelihood of the prostitutes. You will get a taste of the weird and wild experience of the Kiez neighbourhood like never before.

Davidwache police station

Want to see the smallest police stations in Europe? Davidwache police precinct is the one which is not only the smallest but also the most popular in all of Germany. It has even been featured in movies and shows like St. Pauli Nacht and was awarded Hamburg's Building of the Year award in 2005.

Große Freiheit

This particular street is known to cast a spell on visitors with its erotic theatre shows and exotic strip clubs. The spot is also famous for being the birthing ground for the Beatles, who started doing their shows in different music clubs around the place.


Also known as Elphi, the Elbphilharmonie venue is known to be the largest concert hall worldwide. It's situated around the Elbe River and has a philharmonic hall, chamber music hall, restaurants, bars, hotel and several other things. The building in itself is an architectural beauty.

Udo Lindenberg’s home

Udo Lindenberg is one of the most famous German composers, singers and drummers. He turned the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski into his home abode for 26 years and had to evacuate the three-room suit in 2021 due to Covid-19. You can check this hotel out and gaze at the beautiful paintings that still adorn the resort's walls.


Reeperbahn's lanes are not to be missed amongst all the nooks and corners you will see on your St. Pauli tour. The lively neon lights that line up the streets and accommodate several bars, pubs, restaurants, discotheques, etc., will brighten your mood. There are also numberless strip clubs, sex museums, erotic theatres, brothels, etc., around here.

Speicherstadt Tour

Amongst all the top-notch tours in Hamburg, you need to hop on the Speicherstadt tour. It's one of the most significant 19th-century warehouse districts in the world. Take a quick trip to explore the eye-pleasing views of these beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sights. You can go on an Elbphilharmonie, Speicherstadt & HafenCity combo tour and witness the tremendous historic official buildings called the Kontor horses and many other landmarks.

Panoptikum Museum

Located in the centre of the Reeperbahn district, the Panoptikum Museum is one of Germany's oldest and largest wax museums. Make sure to snap some pictures of the life-like wax models of international and German stars. There are around 120 wax statues that you can check out, and it's worth every penny. You can hop on the combo tour of the Panoptikum museum followed by a Hamburg river cruise and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime moment in Germany.

Hamburg Dungeon

For all the history fanatics who enjoy a horror twist in the stories, the Hamburg Dungeon admission ticket is the ideal choice for you. This interactive tour will allow you to delve into the extensive 600 years of bone-chilling history via enigmatic storytelling. Owing to the beauty of the ensemble of professional actors, special effects, two edgy rides and numberless tales, you are in for an enthralling experience.

Blankenese Tour

Blankenese is a small settlement on the hilly riverside close to Hamburg. The Blankenese tour is an absolute treat to the eyes, as you get a chance to walk around the splendid villas and narrow alleys, concluded with the last stop of the beach on the side of the Elbe river. You will also note several parks in the area, connected by the stairs, for easier access.

Hamburg Harbour Cruise

Amongst the tens of attractions in the city, the Hamburg Harbour cruise is one of the most sought tourist experiences in Hamburg. Go on a comfortable cruise journey and wade past the calming waters of the Elbe river. You will get an excellent chance to explore the city from the waters as you pass the different bridges, container terminals, warehouse district and HafenCity.


Going to Hamburg and not stopping by to check out the Elbphilharmonie is a mistake you must avoid. It's a renowned concert venue with gorgeous architecture, located on the bank of River Elbe in the Hafen City quarter. The hall is one of the largest worldwide and has been graced by famous musicians and orchestras.

Are St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour tickets available online now?

Yes, St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour tickets are available online now. 

What are the different St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours and ticket options available?

The St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours and ticket options include guided tours and combo tours.

Are guided St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours available?

Are discounts available on St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours and tickets?

Discounts are unavailable on St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours and tickets, but Headout offers 5% cashback on selected tours.

How do I get to St. Pauli?

You can get to St. Pauli by public transport, including the bus, train, or metro.

When is the best time to visit St. Pauli?

The best time to visit St. Pauli is between May and September since the weather is delightful then.

When is there a fewer crowd in St. Pauli?

Plan your trip during the fall if you want to visit St. Pauli when there are fewer tourists.

Is photography allowed in St. Pauli and Reeperbahn?

Yes, photography is allowed in St. Pauli and Reeperbahn.

How long is a St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour?

A St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour typically takes 2-3 hours.

What languages do the guides talk in during the St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours?

The guides available during St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tours talk in English and German.

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