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Milan to Switzerland on the Bernina Express Rail

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With its pristine alpine beauty bordering the outskirts, a trip from Milan to Switzerland is no longer a far fetched idea. With the iconic Bernina Express winding up the scenic routes of Milan to the Swiss Alps, tourists can now relish a 13 hour day-trip admiring the scenery. A typical day trip includes a visit to the charming town of St. Moritz that involves bypassing forested mountains, lush gorges and sprawling, snow-speckled topography on the way. Best known for its old-world charm and a beautiful lake, St. Moritz is often sought after for its eclectic range of winter sports. Sit by a roadside cafe and enjoy the natural landscaping views, there’s a lot in store for those willing to set their heart on this adventure.

Swiss Alps Bernina Express Rail Tour from Milan

St. Moritz Switzerland - Things to do

On your arrival, you will be taken through the picturesque town of St. Moritz in Switzerland, which is home to an array of iconic pit stops and landscapes. Here’s what you will come across during your day trip from Milan to Switzerland.

Corviglia Funicular

Take a trip down the snow-covered slopes of the Swiss Alps onboard the Corviglia Funicular, a funicular railway route. The enjoyable railway route will acquaint you to many-a-spectacular ski locations and brings you closer to life on the Alps like never before.

Milan to Swiss Alps
Lake St. Moritz

Overlooking a verdant valley, the placid Lake St. Moritz attracts tourists from all around the world that stop by to spend some time amidst nature. Best known as the birthplace of Alpine Winter Tourism, sports enthusiasts often find themselves drawn to the lake for a plethora for adventure sports that take place during the winter.

Milan to Swiss Alps
Cafe Hanselmann

The celebrated tea room of St. Moritz is famous for its decadent Engadine nut tart amongst its other sinful bakery products. Hanselmann Cafe is also one of St. Moritz’s most decorated buildings. Whether it's pralines, tarts, cakes or macarons — Hanselmann’s has a solution for every sweet temptation.

Milan to Swiss Alps
Piz Corvatsch

A part of the ski area, Piz Corvatsche is one of highest peaks of Eastern Alps that draws crowd from all around the world in summer. One can take in spectacular panoramic views from the observation deck or simply spend some time in the lap of nature.

Milan to Swiss Alps

Things to consider before going from Milan to Switzerland

Before you click go, here are a few key features about the day trip from Milan to Switzerland, St. Moritz:

Tour timings

The tour from Milan to the Swiss Alps typically takes about 13 hours to complete. This includes the journey via the famous — UNESCO heritage — Bernina Express and the air-conditioned coach that will ferry you back to the hotel. A favourable aspect about this tour is that it starts off in the early hours of the day and carries on through the day, allowing you to retire as early as possible. The guided tour and our tour guides make sure you make a stop at every important attraction and spend enough time for your respective photo opportunities as well.

Guided vs. Self Guided tour

While a self tour allows you the liberty to spare enough time to every attraction, a guided tour involves the company of a skilled tour guide that will brief you to local bytes and facts of St. Moritz. A guided tour also involves the security of groups, and allows you to socialise with other travellers with safety. A guided tour often also involves several perks and added ancillaries to make your tour a memorable one. Apart from this, you may also put your worries to rest about travel and food apart from comfort — all of which goes hand in hand with your ticket.


While Swiss Alps come alive in all their glory during winter, the season is often too harsh for tourists to enjoy what the town has to offer. Summer indicates bare minimal snow along with a pleasant climate. Hardcore sports enthusiasts can find themselves engaging in the rigorous winter sports during the months of winter, but summer is ideal if you wish to indulge in skiing and sightseeing. The summer season also invites a swarm of crowd to St. Moritz along with the pleasant weather, so be sure to get an early start at booking online vouchers for your trip.

Milan to Switzerland Day Trip - Transport Options

Travelling to St. Moritz from Milan is easily facilitated by voyaging onboard the Bernina Express, that takes you through some of the most scenic routes in the world. With plunging gorges, spiralling tunnels and lush slopes, the train takes you through a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Route. Apart from this, another easy way to reach St. Moritz from Milan is by a bus, which will take you roughly 3 hours by road. The day trip from Milan to Swiss Alps is conducted in an air-conditioned coach that will ferry you back to your hotel room in comfort and luxury.


  • Rent cycles to enjoy the lakeside view even better
  • Take a cable car ride up to Corvatsch to catch some amazing glacier views.
  • Travel onboard the Bernina Express for some spectacular views.
  • Take a chairlift down to Pontresina for beautiful sights along the way.

Other Day Trips from Milan

Milan to Lake Como & Bellagio

Milan to Swiss Alps

A visit to the enthralling cities of Como and Bellagio on a day trip, along with the accompaniment of a tour guide to brief you about the wonders of these cities. Unwind on the shores of Lake Como and explore the city that is situated on the foothills of the majestic Alps. The intimate tour even makes sure you get undivided attention by having only a handful of people in your group. Drive along the rustic countryside in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach that will transfer you to and fro to your hotel.

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Milan to Bergamo

Milan to Swiss Alps

Truly a hidden gem in Italy, a half day trip to Bergamo will treat you to some stunning views of the Alps and its valleys. Travel between the cities in an air-conditioned in a close-knit group of 8 to 12 people at max. Drive by the picturesque Italian countryside before you arrive, and spend some time walking around the town’s age-old history. A half-day trip is perfect for those who wish to pass their time through the day, but end up back in Milan for a sumptuous dinner. Admire the landscaping topography that spreads all the way to Lake Como located 120 miles away.

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Milan to Venice

Milan to Swiss Alps

Bored of spending a lot of time in Milan? Embark on this relaxing tour that takes you on a fairytale-like journey through the floating city. Explore and uncover the secrets of the landmark monuments along with the company of a skilled tour guide. Take a walk down the streets and sample some local cuisine to experience the wonders of the city first hand. The two hour guided walking tour at Venice will even allow you to take your time at various attractions without rushing as. Be ready for some stellar photo opportunities against the breathtaking sights and experience the tourism capital at its finest.

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      Hope this was helpful! Have a great time at St. Moritz.

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