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Going from London to Bath | Day Trip Guide

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Planning a quick day trip from London? Don’t give it a second thought: Bath! Comfortably located just an hour and a half away from London via train, Bath makes for a great day trip from London. If you do happen to go, we have a whole list of things you ought to do, the best way to get to Bath from London and a few insider tips that will help make your London to Bath day trip a whole lot better. Let’s set off from London to Bath, shall we?

Bath: A Cavern of Archeological Wonders

Set in the valley of River Avon, Bath is a part of Somerset county in England and mostly famous for its Roman built baths. Over the last few decades, Bath transformed from a quaint UNESCO World Heritage Site to one of England’s hottest tourist attractions.

The 7th century church Bath Abbey (formerly a Benedictine Monastery) is one of the prime attractions in town alongside the Royal Crescent and the Roman Baths.

Although the ancient Roman Baths have been completely renovated, cutting-edge CGI projections will transport you all the way back to the 1st century AD.

If you love Jane Austen’s novels, you might be delighted to learn that there’s an entire building known as The Jane Austen Centre dedicated to her life and work.

For visitors who prefer a quieter, more serene experience, the Bath Skyline Walk is an excellent option: pass by forests and rolling meadows! There’s plenty to see and do in the town, making it one of the top destinations for local and international tourists alike.

Why take a day trip from London to Bath?

Admire the incredible architecture and historic landmarks

With so many outstanding architectural marvels littered across the city, it can be hard to find the right place to start. Going on a guided tour can help you explore the city and learn about its amazing monuments as well. From ancient Roman spas to brilliant Renaissance architecture, Bath never fails to amaze.

Bask in the local celebrations

With innumerable events occurring annually at Bath, you are sure to find something that suits your taste. There are music and literature festivals, seasonal markets, carnivals, comedy shows, and much more. The 120-event Bath Festival that occurs over 10 days serves as one of the city’s prime tourism magnets.

Take the scenic route from London to Bath

The Great Western Railway’s direct train from London to Bath takes you along the scenic British countryside. You can take a few detours and visit the gorgeous towns of Oxford and Salisbury as well. While the drive from London can be quite amazing as well, traveling by train is the most convenient way to visit Bath.

Unwind at a local spa

Holding true to its Roman heritage, Bath features hot springs and mineral spas that are certain to help you unwind from all your stress. The minerals are said to have a rejuvenating effect on your skin. Spending some quality time at one of these spas can be a great way to reconnect with your partner as well.

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Best Day Trips from London to Bath

Guided Tours from London To Bath

A guided tour is the way to go if you’re looking to make the most of your time in Bath. Avoid the hassle of planning the trip from scratch with a perfectly laid-out itinerary, an expert tour guide to lead the way, and transportation costs taken care of.

Self-Guided Tours from London To Bath

Thinking of heading to Bath from London on your own? No problem-o! We’ve got you covered. A self-guided tour is where all the fun is at, anyway! Stop for impromptu photoshoots at your whim and fancy, and explore the local culture at your own pace. We’re here to help with a list of must-visit attractions at Bath:

7 Best things to do in Bath - Day trip itinerary

1The Roman Baths


Considered one of the best-preserved Roman remains in the world, a visit to the Roman Baths will take you down 2,000 years of history. While you're here, wander the Roman pavements surrounding the Great Bath and taste the famous spa water that contains 43 minerals! Spend atleast 1.5 hours here and if possible, engage in an audio guided tour.

London to Bath Attractions

2The Royal Crescent


The Royal Crescent is Bath's single most impressive piece of architecture, a set of 30 crescent-shaped Georgian houses designed by architect John Wood. It was built in the 18th century and stands impressive to date in its near-perfect symmetry and Ionic columns. It stands in a beautiful piece of land overlooking historic architecture that looks all the more mesmerising when bathed in sunshine.

London to Bath Attractions

3Thermae Bath Spa


Since you can't take a dip at the Roman Baths, the natural hot springs at Thermae Bath Spa is your best bet to experiencing the 'bath culture' in Bath. This 21st century rooftop pool cum spa screams luxury along with splendid views of Bath. There's a small fee to be paid for entry, but it is well worth the experience.

London to Bath Attractions

4Sally Lunn


Leaving Bath without trying Sally Lunn's bun is almost sinful. Sally Lunn's house is the oldest house in Bath and has been converted into a snug tea room serving a certain teacake that will have you weak in your knees. This outlet is open through the day and serves authentic plates like the 'trencher dinner'. Hop in and grab a bite for sure.

London to Bath Attractions

5Jane Austen Centre


There is a whole museum dedicated to Britain's favourite author, Jane Austen in Bath, reason being, Jane Austen stayed in Bath for a significant period in her life and have set 2 of her acclaimed books, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, in the city. The exhibits and costumed characters here tell the story of Austen’s during the time spent in Bath and the impact it had on her work.

London to Bath Attractions

6Bath Abbey


Large stained glass windows and columns of gold stone characterise the Bath Abbey, also known as the Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. It was founded in the 7th century and is perhaps the largest examples of Perpendicular Gothic architecture in Europe. Go in here to enjoy the wonderful choral music or for a short moment of contemplatuon and experience the Abbey environment for yourself.

London to Bath Attractions

7Fashion Museum


Listed amongst CNN's list of the World's Top 10 Fashion Museums, the Fashion Museum in Bath is an exemplerary ode to the evolution of western fashion. Here, you can experience one of the world’s greatest collections of historic and fashionable dresses. Watch out for the Royal Women exhibition here as it is said to be particularly impressive.

London to Bath Attractions

Best Time To Visit Bath from London?

Although tourist crowds are almost non-existent between December and early March, temperatures can drop well below freezing with heavy snowfall. It is best to avoid the winter months if possible.

March to May (Spring) is perhaps the most ideal time to visit the city. Temperatures hover between 10oC and 18oC with slight rain. Travelers generally wait for summer or fall to travel to Bath. This means that most attractions will remain free of crowds and hotels offer great deals. If you are very intent on avoiding cool weather and don’t really mind the crowds, summer and early fall season can be a good time to visit as well.

London To Bath Day Trip - All Transport Options

Mode of Travel Time Cost Best For
Train 90 minutes from £20 Fastest route
Bus 3 - 4 Hours From £9 Scenic route
Car 2 hours 30 minutes 115 miles/£100 Scenic route
Guided Tour 12-14 hours from £65 (all inclusive) Hassle-free travel

Plenty of public transport ply between London to Bath on a daily basis. Depending on your budget and time constraints, you can go from London to Bath on a bus, train or opt for a guided tour:

London to Bath by Train

From Paddington Station, London you get frequent trains to Bath Spa station in Bath; almost one train runs every 30 minutes. Travelling from London to Bath by train is the quickest route, but not necessarily the cheapest as bus tickets are cheaper. Moreover, Bath Spa station is quite centrally located allowing you to dive right into action once in Bath. Tickets are cheaper on weekdays than on weekends and you will get the best rates online, especially if you book in advance.You can check the train timings and schedule here.

London to Bath by Bus

Comfortable buses ply from London to Bath on a daily basis, with a coach available almost every 90 minutes from the Victoria Coach Station to the Bath Spa Bus and Coach Station. Most of these buses are equipped with on board washroom facilities as well. Though the tickets for traveling from London to Oxford by bus is cheaper than traveling by train, the time taken will set you back by a few hours that could have been used to explore the city.

London to Bath by Car

The distance between London and Bath via road is approximately 185 km and if you hit the M4 motorway and keep up a good speed, you should be in bath within 2.5 hours. This is provided you don't hit any traffic jams. However, when such an efficient train network is available, we would hardly recommend driving down to Bath. Moreover going from London to Bath by car can run up costs as parking in Bath is not exactly cheap. It costs about £1.60 for an hour and £5.40 for up to 4 hours. Moreover, Bath is a very small city with compact lanes, hence finding on street parking is a huge hassle.

London to Bath Guided Day Tours

This is without doubt the most comfortable option as you have everything taken care of - travel, food and a guide to go! Moreover, guided tours help cover more ground at a decent cost and while you're traveling, what better than to see more for less! Most day tours from London to Bath are coach tours and combine the nearby towns of Stonehenge, Cotswolds, Oxford etc.

Where to eat in Bath?

Bath Restaurants
Kingsmead Kitchen

Known for its all-day sandwiches, smoothies, and pastries, Kingsmead Kitchen is dedicated to freshly-made dishes with locally-sourced produce. You can also enjoy the special ciders, wines, and local beers served at this independent cafe.

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Bath Restaurants
The Bathwick Boatman Riverside Restaurant

Strategically located right next to Bath’s boating station, this restaurant boasts an unmatched view of the River Avon. From unique wines and soft drinks to mouthwatering food made from local ingredients, The Bathwick Boatman Riverside Restaurant is a joy to dine at.

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Bath Restaurants
Hare & Hounds

Hare & Hounds has a fine range of food and drinks. The traditional grilled pork sausages and toasted muffins with poached eggs are great breakfast options.

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Cotswolds Restaurants
The Olive Tree

A recipient of the coveted Michelin Star, The Olive Tree is one of Bath’s finest restaurants to indulge your taste buds. Raw Orkney Scallop and Wiltshire Lamb prepared by star chefs are some of this hotel’s delightful treats.

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Where to stay in Bath?

New Leaf Farm

Situated just two miles away from the city center, New Leaf farm offers cozy cottages for couples and larger families. You can enjoy a drink at one of the two pubs or simply take a relaxing evening walk in the private gardens.

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The Z Hotel Bath

Located squarely in the heart of Bath, this hotel is one of the most budget-friendly places to stay. The rooms are reasonably spacious and the cheese and wine breakfast has been particularly well-received by guests.

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The Bath Priory

A classic hotel dating back to 1835, The Bath Priory is outfitted with an award-winning restaurant and facilities such as on-site parking and spa.

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Combe Grove

Combe Grove spans a whopping 70 acres of pristine countryside that is rife with wildlife and natural splendor. If you are looking for a more organized experience, the hotel offers welness packages with therapies, mindfulness sessions, and sport facilities.

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Where to shop in Bath

The gift shop at The Jane Austen Centre

You can find a slew of exclusive novels, DVDs, and regency-themed jewellery at this charming gift shop dedicated to one of the world’s most celebrated writers. You can also buy Austen-branded pens and other stationery items.

No 8. Shop

Bath is best known for its sumptuous spas and heritage centers. No 8. Shop is an excellent place to shop for beauty and health products, many of which are related to curing skin ailments with natural minerals.

Modern Souvenir Co.

Discover an exquisite range of handmade miniature replicas of Britain’s most iconic buildings. The shop is well-known for its face busts of famous English leaders and visionaries as well.products, many of which are related to curing skin ailments with natural minerals.

Tips for your London to Bath Day Trip

  • Hit the Roman Baths first thing in the morning, before the tourist crowds swarm in.
  • Ubers are easily available in Bath. They tend to be cheaper than normal taxis and are a convinient option lest you're taxed on time for public transport.
  • The Bath Visitor Card is a great buy with amazing savings. Allows access to many attractions at a bundled price. Pop by the Bath Information Center and grab one to make the most of your day.
  • Not many people know this, but Bath is a hilly region. If you plan on walking, get ready for a good dose of cardio. Strap on your best shoes so that your legs don't wear out soon.
  • The Bath Hop On Hop Off is another convinient option to get around the city and hit all the attractions at a minimal cost.
  • Bath has a ridiculous number of festivals throughout the year - Literature Festival, International Music Festival, Children’s Literature Festival and the Jane Austen Festival to name a few. Try planning your visit around one of these festivals if you can. You can check out the list of festivals on the Bath Festivals website here.
  • If you intend to go to Prior Park, take the bus ( Bus 1) and do not attempt walking it. It's up a steep upward slope and walking it might not be easy; unless you're a seasoned trekker.

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