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Your Guide To Planning An Epic Day Trip From Barcelona To Girona

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Girona is at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Onyar, Galligants, and Güell, and is the largest northern Catalonian city, located about an hour away from Barcelona . The city, with its medieval architecture, gothic churches, Jewish quarter and museums, is quite popular among tourists visiting Barcelona. Being a relatively small city, along with its added proximity to Barcelona it makes for the perfect day trip destination from Barcelona . With ancient buildings, shopping centers, outdoor sports, restaurants, and botanical gardens, going from Barcelona to Girona on a day trip is an absolute treat!

Here's our quick day trip guide that will help you plan you visit from Barcelona to Girona with much ease.

Why You Must Take A Day Trip From Barcelona To Girona?

barcelona to girona day trip

Girona offers a contrasting experience to Barcelona, with the latter bustling with tourists, while Girona is a lot calmer and slow-moving. This allows you to experience the Catalonian culture like a local. Stand on the Eiffel Bridge overlooking the river Onyar for a view that invokes a peaceful, calming mood. Take a tour of the Roman Catholic Girona Cathedral and be mesmerized by its architecture and history. Walk through the Jewish Quarter to get a better understanding of Jewish history and culture. For spectacular views of the city, walk along the Medieval Walls. Stroll around the city for shops that sell souvenirs, clothing, knick-knacks and more. Take a break from all the walking by sipping coffee at any of the street-side cafés.

Barcelona To Girona Day Trip - Organized Tours

Here's our curation of the best Barcelona to Girona day trip tours. By choosing these tours, you don't get to see just Girona, but also get to explore the nearby city of Figures in a day. If you were to visit both these cities by arranging for your own public transport, the logistics could be hard and taxing. However, hitting up Girona and Figures with an organized tour that leaves you in the company of an expert guide, like minded travelers, takes care of your transporation and an action packed itinerary helps you make the most of your day. Check out these best Barcelona to Girona day trip tours below!

Barcelona to Girona Express Tour

  • Travel in a luxury coach from Barcelona to the historic city of Girona.
  • Visit the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, the Basilica of Sant Feliu, the Arab Baths, the Cathedral of Girona, the Jewish Quarters and explore the city on foot with a local expert.

Barcelona to Girona & Figueres

  • Explore the two jewels of Catalan heritage, the immortal cities of Girona and Figueres in the lap of a luxury coach from Barcelona
  • Explore the cities on foot with your expert guide and visit the best of both these Catalan jewels.

Things To Do In Girona

On a day trip from Barcelona to Girona, there's plenty one can cover. Here are all the things you can do in Girona with less than 24 hours at your disposal. Plan your day to the T and cover all these attractions. A guided tour from Barcelona to Girona will help you cover all of the below in an organized fashion, so if you're not one to love planning you can always opt for one of the many Barcelona to Girona tours.

barcelona to girona day trip
Girona Cathedral

The Girona Cathedral is an integral part of the city’s skyline. The entrance to the cathedral is at the end of a grand staircase. Its most singular feature is the large Gothic nave, which, at a width of 23 meters, is the widest of its kind in the world. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then you will be interested to know that this cathedral was used in the filming of season 6 of the show.

barcelona to girona day trip
Sant Pere de Galligants

This Benedictine abbey was built around the 12th century and is one of the most important Romanesque monuments in Girona. The monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants is unique its architecture and is famous for its chancel, bell tower, and sculptures.

barcelona to girona day trip
Esglesia de Sant Feliu

The Esglesia de Sant Feliu , or the Church of St. Felix, is a basilica dedicated to St. Felix. Its gothic naves and baroque façade give it a castle-like appearance. The church dates back to the early days of Christianity and features some phenomenal works of art, like the Recumbent Christ sculpture.

barcelona to girona day trip
Girona City Walls

The horseshoe-shaped wall of Girona passes through the medieval parts of the city with many entry points throughout, allowing you to see the old and new Girona. The towers along the wall provide excellent vantage points offering fantastic views of the city’s skyline.

barcelona to girona day trip
River Onyar

The River Onyar divides the street in two and has many bridges for residents to cross from one side to the other. The bridges offer spectacular views of the River. Lining the river on both sides are rows of houses with brightly colored facades that make this scene the perfect picture for a postcard.

barcelona to girona day trip
Museu d'Historia dels Jueus

The Museu d'Historia dels Jueus is a museum dedicated to the culture and history of the Catalonian Jewish community. The museum has eleven different rooms where the daily lives and rituals of the Jewish community during the medieval period, including a rare mikvah and an ancient Jewish house, are displayed.

Visit Figueres On The Way!

dali museum tours from barcelona

The small town of Figueres is located within Catalonia's Costa Brava region, about 100 km away from Girona. If you’re visiting Girona, go the extra few miles and visit Figueres as the town has many tourist attractions that are worth a visit.

Figueres is famous for being the birthplace of the renowned artist, Salvador Dali. It has a museum, the Dali Theater-Museum, dedicated to his work, which is the second most visited museum in Spain. The town has other museums, as well as the largest castle in Europe, the Castell de Sant Ferran, and a 'Rambla' lined with cafes and restaurants.

Barcelona to Girona & Figueres

  • Explore the two jewels of Catalan heritage, the immortal cities of Girona and Figueres in the lap of a luxury coach from Barcelona
  • Explore the cities on foot with your expert guide and visit the best of both these Catalan jewels.

Barcelona To Girona Day Trip Transport Options

Since Girona is close to Barcelona, there are many ways to reach the town. You can reach Girona by train, bus, or a car, or you can even cycle there.

  • By Bus - There’s only one bus company, Sagales, that organizes a few trips to Girona from Barcelona throughout the day. Be sure to check the schedule before traveling as there aren't too many buses per day.
  • By Train - The new high-speed AVE train will take you to Girona from Barcelona in under 40 minutes. The trains are more frequent than buses, giving you more flexibility with the time you want to leave Barcelona.
  • By Car - You can rent a car in Barcelona and drive to Girona. Just follow the AP-7 road from Barcelona to Girona (note that AP roads are toll roads) and you should take a little more than an hour to reach your destination.
  • Organized Tour from Barcelona to Girona - There are many guided tours available allowing you to get the most out of your trip, as you, not only get to travel to Girona but also have a guide show you around the town and all of the town’s highlights. You also have the option of going on a bike tour if you’re feeling adventurous.

Handy Tips For Going From Barcelona To Girona

Day Trip From Madrid to Segovia
  • Be wary of your belongings and keep them close to you at all times as you may be prone to pick-pocketing in the crowded areas.
  • Avoid strolling through the less crowded areas alone. The crowded streets are safer for you stroll around alone at any time of day.
  • The locals in Girona speak mostly in Catalan, although some understand Spanish. It’s advisable to learn a few Catalonian phrases to help you talk to the locals.
  • Wear modest clothing, such as full-sleeved tees and pants or long skirts, if you’re visiting any religious site. Short clothing such as shorts and short skirts are prohibited in churches and temples.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as your trip involves a lot of walking, and you don’t want your feet to hurt.
  • Smoke only in the designated smoking areas, as smoking in public places is prohibited.
  • Tipping your servers is customary. For waiters, it is recommended to tip them 10-15% of your bill.
  • Take an organized guided tour from Madrid to Segovia ensures that you cover most of the attractions and make it back to Madrid in day. If your trip is time bound, a guided tour is highly recommended.

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