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Skywalk, Bungy & Giant Swings - AJ Hackett Adrenaline Rush

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The Ultimate Adventure Company has opened in Sentosa and is calling you for an adrenaline based experience unlike anything in Singapore. Charge up and dive into the world of insanity and excitement at AJ Hackett Sentosa and live an experience which guarantees to get your adrenaline pumping.


  • Indulge in Singapore’s only adrenaline-centric themed attraction, AJ Hackett Sentosa
  • Experience an array of rides and adventures all aimed at making you feel thrilled and excited.
  • Experience gravity during the bungee jumping, reminisce your childhood on the giant swing, walk the vertical skywalk or stroll on the skybridge.
  • Choose from a variety of ticket options and select the combo that best suits you.
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Why You Shouldn’t Miss This

AJ Hackett, a name that is synonymous with adrenaline is a one-of-a-kind adrenaline based theme park. After satisfying more than 4 million people globally, this international brand has now come to Singapore. AJ Hackett Sentosa hosts Singapore’s one and only Bungy Jump, The park also offers a unique Giant Swing Experience, a Vertical Skywalk and more which allows you to literally conquer gravity and get rid of your fear of vertigo. So come on down and pump in the adrenaline into your blood and have a thrilling adventure unlike anything Singapore has to offer. The venue is perfect for friend groups and people who are looking for some excitement in their lives. Oh, you can also grab a beer and enjoy some exceptional food here!

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Your Experience

In the next step of your booking process, you will be allowed to choose from a list of ticket options. Please read the ride descriptions and select the combo that suits you best.

Bungy Jump

Singapore’s only bungy jump, this activity is what led to the company gaining an international reputation. All you need to do is get upto a height of 47 meters, harness yourself in the straps and fall; gravity will do the rest. Don’t worry, the experience is 100% safe and you’re guaranteed an adrenaline rush as the wind rushes through your face. A true thrill-seekers attraction, the Bungy Jump is fascinating for both the jumper and the spectator.

Vertical Skywalk

Normally, you can’t walk up a wall; but at AJ Hackett Sentosa, you can do just that. The world’s first full time commercial Vertical Skywalk, this attraction is guaranteed to leave you mesmerized. Conquer this 44m high wall with your safety harness and have a unique experience which defies gravity. This Vertical Skywalk allows you to control the speed of the ascent and is a technique used by the Navy Seals, Army and even movie productions. Whether you wanted to be soldier or an actor, we’ve got you covered.

Giant Swings

The only dual swings in the world; hop aboard the giant swings and reach speeds of up to 120 km/hr; that’s as fast as most cars on roads. Get on from the ground level and rise to a height of 40 meters. This attraction allows you to do something that most adrenaline based activities do not; a race with your friends. The Giant Swings allow a maximum combined weight(among three people max) of 240 kg per swing. Hop on and begin a race with your friends and see who reaches the bottom first on this one-of-a-kind activity which you can’t do anywhere else on the planet.


A 2 meter wide transparent glass flooring platform, the Skybridge is perfect for getting over your fear of vertigo. This section is 40 meters long and is located at a height of 47 meters with 1.2 meter high hand rails for your support. Walk along this incredible bridge and get 360 degree panoramic views of Singapore all around you. There’s no need for for any harnessing system allowing you to casually walk across the length at your own pace. There’s also a challenging glass cube located on the Skybridge which will make your knees tremble. Excited already? Well here’s the best part, with the theme park being located at the beach, your views will go on till the horizon.

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Please proceed to the next step of the booking process to know what is included in which combo ticket.

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Park Timings
AJ Hackett Sentosa is open from 11 AM - 7 PM from Monday to Thursdays.
On Fridays, the park is open from 11 AM - 10 PM
On Saturdays, the park is open from 10 AM - 10 PM
On Sundays, the park is open from 10 AM - 7 PM
Note: Operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.

Bungy Jumping
The main jump height is 47m and includes a 50m roof jump option. Individuals must be between the weight of 40kgs and 150kgs to partake in the event. Minimum age requirement of 14 years and individuals who aren’t yet adults must get a parental/guardian consent.

Other Requirements
Some rides have a minimum age, height, weight and medical criteria that each participant must satisfy. Individuals under the legal adult age must get a consent from their parents/guardians. Pregnant women and individuals with mobility impairments will not be allowed to participate in any experience due to its demanding and strenuous nature.

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Super Flexible Cancellation Policy

You may cancel up to 1 day in advance for a full refund.

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How To Use Your Ticket
You will receive an email with your mobile voucher . No need to print. You can skip the ticket line and go directly to the security line with your mobile voucher.

Your tickets are valid only for the day you’ve scheduled the experience. You can visit the park at any time on this day.

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10 Siloso Beach Walk , 098995 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 098995, Singapore

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