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Le Lido

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Le Lido
The Lido Show with Champagne
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Le Lido
The Lido Show with Dinner
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Why Visit The Lido Paris

The iconic Le Lido, Paris is a legendary venue in the world of performing arts. Known for its exotic productions, featuring dancers, singers, ice-skaters and more, the venue has received world-fame and is known as a premier front runner in producing breakthrough cabarets.

Situated at the Champs-Elysees, Le Lido opened in 1946 and has since been the go-to venue for cabaret and burlesque shows in Paris. With vibrant colors, mesmerizing crystals, glistening chandeliers and the latest light projection technology, Le Lido attracts 500,000 visitors each year with their top-of-the-world performances.

Each version of the Lido Show is made up of 10-20 scenes and runs for around ninety minutes. But what made the Lido world-famous was the revolutionary concept of the Dinner Show. The now-replicated concept originated within the walls of the Lido and played a huge role in propelling the venue to international success. Discover the nuances and charisma of a cabaret performance with all its shining lights and dazzling crystals at the Lido Show Paris.

The Lido Paris Experience

On the most beautiful avenue in Paris, avenue des Champs-Elysées, at the heart of the Parisian nights, the Paris Lido shines with its new creation, "Paris Merveilles", which surpasses the cabaret codes. Designed and directed by Franco Dragone, creator and designer of the famous Cirque du Soleil, "Paris Merveilles" pays tribute to the City of Light. The spectacle is highlighted by the sumptuous costumes, elaborate visual effects, enchanting pictures and majestic scenery. This artistic journey into the heart of Paris alternates between technological prowess and moments of pure poetry.

Despite being equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Lido has remained true to its heritage: feather-and-sequin, Bluebell Girls and Lido Boys, ice rink and water screen, clowns and acrobats, plus, a sizzling new cancan performance. Experience a show that transcends the boundaries of cabaret, blending new-age technology with old-school charm. Witness a visual spectacle with incredible settings, breathtaking entertainment value, international stars and much more at the Lido Paris and partake in this one-of-a-kind experience.

How To Select Your Lido Show Ticket

The Lido Show offers a wide range of ticket options to choose from. Enjoy a performance with wine or experience a beloved dinner show. You can also select a personalized Headout combo that gives you the best value for money and allows you to scratch multiple items on your Paris bucket-list.

Lido Show Timings

The Lido Show is performed two times every night, the first at 9:00 pm and the second at 11:00 pm. Dinner is available only for the 9:00 pm show with the meal beginning at 7:00 pm.

Show with champagne

Show with a Glass of Champagne

– Le Lido Show Ticket
– Glass of Champagne

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Show with Half a bottle Champagne

– Le Lido Show Ticket
– Half-a-bottle of Brut 1er cru Champagne

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Premium Champagne Service

– Le Lido Show Ticket
– Personalised greetings, priority access and privileged seating
– Half-a-bottle of Ruinart or Taittinger Champagne
– Plate of macaroons

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Show with dinner

Known for conceptualizing the concept of the Dinner-Show, Lido has not forgotten its age-old tradition. Enjoy the event the way it was meant to be - over a delicious dinner. With a dinner show, you’ll also enjoy the perk of being seated first. Not only will this help you score one of the best seats, it will also allow you to spend an additional two hours at the venue, giving you plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere and shake-a-leg on the world-famous stage.

Indulge in the ultimate Parisienne Lido experience by treating yourself to delicacies of French gastronomy. Over 190,000 meals are served each year by the Head Chef and his team of 35 chefs. Select the menu that appeals to your taste and enjoy the delectable food while you watch the mesmerizing performances.

Soirée Plume

Le Lido Show Ticket

Creamy Pea Soup with Verbena served with sesame marinated grilled Salmon or Caramel-glazed shrimps served with avocado and mozzarella
Fish fricassee with pesto coulis or Chicken Supreme with herbs served with polenta and black olives
Crispy Praline Biscuit with Guanaja Cream and Candied Hazelnuts or Strawberry and Rhubarb dessert with Fromage Blanc Mousse and fruit coulis

Please Note
This menu doesn’t have any drinks

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Soirée Etoile

Le Lido Show Ticket

Creamy Pea Soup with Verbena served with sesame marinated grilled Salmon or Caramel-glazed shrimps served with avocado and mozzarella
Fish fricassee with pesto coulis or Chicken Supreme with herbs served with polenta and black olives
Crispy Praline Biscuit with Guanaja Cream and Candied Hazelnuts or Strawberry and Rhubarb dessert with Fromage Blanc Mousse and fruit coulis

Please Note
You can choose the full entire vegetarian menu which will be based on season vegetables. A glass of champagne and ½ bottle of wine will be included with the vegetarian choice.

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Soirée Champs-Elysées

– Le Lido Show Ticket
– Half-a-bottle of Brut 1er cru Champagneanise

Duck foie gras with Timut Pepper served with Peach confit and grilled almondsor Shredded crab with dill served with a lime glaze, tomato coulis and olive oil or Chilled shrimps season with turmeric served with diced vegetables and Ossau-Iraty cheese
Aniseed-roasted cod, served with capsicums and potatoes seasoned with saffron and orange peel or Rosemary-roasted veal, served with a spicy rougail tomato sauce and aubergine gratin or Sweet and sour duck fillet, served with caramelised melon and turnip and a crispy potato pancake
Apricot, vanilla and almond vacherin cake or Lemon and wild strawberry dessert cake or Layered dessert cake with coffee cream & coffee-infused mousse

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Soirée Triomphe

– Le Lido Show Ticket
– Half-a-bottle of Ruinart or Taittinger Champagne

King crab with Espelette pepper, served with coriander marinated artichoke or Sliced lobster with raspberry vinaigrette, served with thin slices of raw and cooked asparagus or Pan-seared duck foie gras, citrus tart, and apricot crumble
Fillet of bass, served with diced mango and cucumber with lemon confit, mascarpone risotto and thyme-grilled courgettesorFillet of beef with ginger, fried chanterelle mushrooms and simmered green vegetables with sun-dried tomatoes
Strawberry meringueorShortbread topped with chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries sweet petit-fours

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VIP Offer

Enjoy the royal treatment at Le Lido and get a private box overlooking the stage along with dinner and premium champagne. With a private waiter to cater to your needs while you witness the enchanting show, a VIP ticket offers a luxurious experience for those who wish to enjoy The Lido Show to its fullest.

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Headout Combos

Le Lido Dinner Show with Transfers

New to Paris? Need a ride to the Lido Dinner Show? This offer is for you. Witness spectacular performances by the artists of Le Lido Paris and enjoy a scrumptious meal presented by world-class chefs. Enjoy round trip transfer from your hotel in an air-conditioned minibuses.

– Le Lido Show Ticket
– Half-a-bottle of Brut 1er cru Champagne
– The Champs-Elysees Menu
– Pick Up and Drop Off to Your Hotel in A/C Minibus

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Lido Show with Dinner Cruise

Begin your evening with a dinner cruise down the Seine River and top-off your night with a sensational Lido Show. After your boat ride , hop on a bus and make your way to La Lido. You will also have the option to select a tour with transfers to and from your accommodation in Paris.

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Lido Show with Paris City Night Tour

Start off your evening with a panoramic bus tour of the city of Paris. Watch the monuments all lit up before you visit the Lido for a spectacular performance by the artists and performers at the venue. Make the most of your evening in Paris with this combo.

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Lido Show with Seine Night Cruise and Eiffel Dinner

The ultimate Parisian combo, kick off your evening with priority access to the Eiffel Tower, where a three-course dinner awaits you. After dinner, cruise down the Seine River and take in the monuments of Paris, illuminated and glowing by the city lights. Your cruise will be followed by a cabaret and burlesque performance at The Lido.

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Do I Need to Book Tickets in Advance

Being among the premier cabaret clubs in Paris, Le Lido tickets often get sold out a few weeks prior, especially for the weekends. We recommend booking tickets at least two weeks in advance to ensure you get the ticket of your choice.

About the Show - Paris Merveilles

Paris Merveilles is the latest addition to the cabaret collection performed at Le Lido. With a special stage engineered for the show, follow the picturesque and poetic tale of Paris in this homage to the city. Within a sumptuous gold and royal blue setting, show-maker and theatre director Franco Dragone has created a marvellous production that puts a whole new twist on the cabaret art form.

The story revolves around an imaginary Parisienne who falls in the love with the spectacular structure and form, and the intimate nature of the city. The show is performed by 45 international dancers and more than 70 artists appear on the stage to bring life to this art nouveau presentation.

Featuring 600 costumes decorated with two million Swarovski crystals and 200 kilos of peacock, rooster, pheasant and ostrich feathers, an enormous chandelier with 40,000 pendants, and a 100 m² expanse of LED screens, ‘Paris Merveilles’ is extravagant, audacious and bewitching.

Practical Information

  • Dress Code
    Please wear an elegant, smart outfit. Avoid athletic outfits, sneakers, shorts and flipflops. A full suit/evening dress is welcome.
  • Age Limit
    Guests must be at least 4 years of age to attend the show. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Show Duration
    90 minutes show
  • A printed copy of your ticket and a valid photo ID are required for entry into the cabaret.
  • Alcohol will only be served to patrons above 18 years of age.
  • As a courtesy, please switch off all electronics before the beginning of the show.
  • Children below 12 years may enter for free. Proof of age will be required.

Getting There

The Lido is located on the Avenue des Champs Elysees and is very well connected by the public transport networks in the city.

The closest RER Metro stations to Le Lido are:
– George V - 40 meters away
– Charles De Gaulle -Etoile - Champs-Elysees - 356 meters
– Charles De Gaulle Friedland - 392 meters
– Balzac - 393 meters
– Bassano - 424 meters

By bus, the nearest line to Le Lido is Bus No. 32.

You can view detailed routes and find your way without any hassle by using these directions for Le Lido.


Can I choose my own seat?
No. The seating chart is made by the maitre d’hotel before you arrive and you will be seated as per the charts allotment. Don’t worry, all seats offer good visibility.

What’s the child ticket price for the Lido Show?
The Lido grants free entry to children ages 4 - 12. Proof of age by birth certificate or other valid form of ID will be required. Parents and guardians, please note the show contains some nudity.

Are pets allowed?
No. Pets are not allowed in the establishment.

Can I take pictures during the show?
Photography and videography at the venue are prohibited.

Is there a valet parking at the venue?
No, there’s no valet parking; however, there is a public parking lot near the venue where you can pay-n-park.

Is smoking allowed at the venue?
Le Lido has a strict non-smoking policy.

Brief History and Quick Fast about The Lido Show

  • The very first Lido show dates back to 1928 and was created in the basement of an old private mansion.
  • The venue is situated on Paris’s most iconic street, Avenue des Champs Elysees.
  • In 1936, Leon Volterra was given reigns of the Lido.
  • The modern Lido started on June 20, 1946 under Joseph and Louis Clerico.
  • In 1947, Rene Fraday was appointed as the artistic director of the Lido.
  • Margaret Kelly and the Bluebell Girls joined the Lido in 1948.
  • In 1977, the Lido expanded after a makeover from renowned architects, artists and designers, helping it to become the largest and most luxurious cabaret in Europe.

Crazy Horse Reviews

Elena Garr

Stunning cabaret show with mind blowing performances :D

The Cabaret show was precisely what I expected: showgirls, acrobatics, style, music, a mime and more, only executed a million times better than my thoughts. The athleticism and beauty of these shows cannot be beat. There was also great figure skating moves, an insane chandelier, water, sword swallowing, and more!

Steve Hernandez

A memorable evening at the Lido Show

Le LIDO is a fabulous place to spend an evening in Paris. This is my second time and I’ve always enjoyed it very much. The show was absolutely fabulous. The dancers were fantastic with beautiful costumes, all of the performers from magicians, acrobats and ice skaters did an excellent job.

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