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Paris: Top 10 Day Trips You Can Take

1. Versailles

Situated a mere hour away by road and by train, Versailles and its grand palace and gardens are one of the most popular day tour getaways for visitors to Paris.

2. Disneyland Paris

Make your way to the magical world of Disneyland® Paris and spend your day at the two amazing theme park that make this destination one of the biggest attractions in Europe.

3. Giverny

Take a trip back in time as you travel to the quaint countryside of Giverny and experience the world of Claude Monet - the founder of French Impressionist painting.

4. Champagne

From visiting champagne houses and wine tasting sessions to witnessing the process of making this sparkly drink, there’s lots to explore in Champagne!

5. Loire Valley

Blessed with abundant fertility, the river banks around Loire Valley play host to a number of towns that preserve the lavish cultural legacy even today.

6. Normandy

Perhaps one of the most sought after sights of Normandy, the D-Day landing beaches are considered to be the scene of some of the bloodiest battles of the World War II.

7. Mont St. Michel

Visit one of the most picturesque historical sites in France on this day trip from Paris to Mont St. Michel.

8. Somme

The region of Somme is located in northern France and forever associated with memorials of the first world war, but it has a lot more to offer visitors, from unspoilt countryside to quaint coastal resorts.

9. Provins

In Provins, yesteryears aren't a thing of the past. Every facet of medieval Champagne can be found in Provins, frozen in its entirety within La Tour Cesar, The Ramparts, and numerous other structures.

10. Carcassonne

Complete with drawbridges, moats, gateways and innumerable towers, this ancient city is said to have inspired Walt Disney’s adaptation of The Sleeping Beauty.

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