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Kyoto Authentic Kaiseki Dining Experience

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During your stay, enjoy a great traditional supper at Kyoto's most popular restaurant, Hamato Kukyo Kaiseki Restaurant, which allows you to combine an incredibly tasty dinner with sightseeing.

points forts

  • Enjoy dinner at the century-old authentic Kaiseki Dining which is the most trusted place for your New Year's Eve dinner plans in Kyoto.

  • Indulge in the food prepared with top-class ingredients and complemented with expensive high-quality dishes like Wajima-coated and Kiyomizu-yaki.

  • For years, Osechi cuisine from Hamato Kukyo Kaiseki Restaurant has been ranked first in Japan's Amazon, and you get to dine here while sightseeing.

  • Choose between an authentic multi-course Matsukaze set meal or a Butterfly Package as per your taste.

  • Fun Fact: Hard to believe but the current elaborate Kaiseki feast of 10 dishes has actually evolved from an austere supper of miso soup and three side dishes.


  • Meals as per the package chosen

  • 10% service charge

  • Japanese consumption tax

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  • Personal expenses

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What to Expect On Your Kyoto Authentic Kaiseki Dining?

Shun, the idea that foods should be appreciated when they are still at their peak of freshness, is at the heart of the traditional Japanese multi-course feast known as kaiseki. Extremely popular in Kyoto, Hamato Kukyo Kaiseki Restaurant is one of the city's oldest kaiseki establishments.

In Kyoto, the restaurant is close to Myoshinji Temple. In the old cultural center of Kyoto, the third-generation business owner has broken the impasse of kaiseki not allowing outsiders and opened its doors to welcome visitors from all over the world. The food in Kyoto is lavish, and zen-like, and served in traditional utensils are magnificent. Indulge in a delicious meal of your choice prepared with the highest-quality ingredients as you sightsee side by side.

Etiquettes to follow

There are a few things you must keep in mind during the dinner such as expressing gratitude to the chef. All you need to do is say “itadakimasu” before and “gochiso-sama deshita” after the meal. You will get an oshibori towel during the experience and you should only use it to wipe your hands. While eating, make sure you use the chopsticks correctly, that is do not try to spear or cut food using them. When you are not using them, place them in the hashioki.

know before you go

Important Information

  • Please follow the etiquette of this dining experience.

  • To book this experience, you must book tickets for a minimum of 2 guests.


Matsukaze Course

  • Sakizuke (Appetizer dish)

  • Shiru-wan (Appetizer soup)

  • Muko-zuke (Appetizer sashimi)

  • Takiawase (Simmered dish)

  • Yakimono (Grilled dish)

  • Agemono (Deep fried dish)

  • Rice/ Side dish/ Soup

  • Mizumono (Dessert)

Butterfly Package

  • Sakizuke (Appetizer dish)

  • Shiru-wan (Appetizer soup)

  • Muko-zuke (Appetize Sashimi)

  • Takiawase (Simmered dish)

  • Yakimono (Grilled dish)

  • Oshinogi (Soba/ Steamed egg custard by season)

  • Agemono (Deep fried dish)

  • Shii-zakana (Grilled or Simmered Beef)

  • Rice/ Side dish/ Soup

  • Mizumono (Dessert)

mes billets

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  • Please display the mobile voucher along with a valid photo ID at the ticket redemption point.

Ticket Redemption Points

  • You can redeem your ticket at any one of the following redemption points.

Hamatoku Main Branch

  • Redeem your ticket at Hamatoku Main branch.

  • Address: 31, Hanazono-Imachi, Ukyo ward, Kyoto City 616-8042, Kyoto Prefecture.

Get Directions to the Meeting Point

Hamatoku Hearton Hotel Branch

  • Redeem your ticket at Hamatoku Hearton Hotel Branch.

  • Address: 2nd floor, 405 Funaya-cho, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto City 604-8187, Kyoto Prefecture.

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