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  • Learn about the evolution of Chinese culture in Singapore over the last century.

  • Explore five distinct ‘zones’ that give you insights into various aspects of Chinese culture.

  • Interact with a digital timeline and discover the key moments in the development of Singapore.

  • Go on a free guided tour of the exhibition in either English or Mandarin.

  • Challenge your friend to a game of ‘Kopi Order Showdown’ in Zone 3.

  • Get a personalized report card detailing all your exploits at SINGAPO人.

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what to expect

What is SINGAPO人

For over a century, the Chinese community in Singapore has been a major contributor to the cultural and technological advancements of the country. SINGAPO人 is a permanent exhibition set up by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) in an attempt to capture the sheer magnitude of these contributions. From educational visuals to exciting games that you can play with friends, there is much to see, discover, and experience at SINGAPO人. The exhibition is a splendid way to unwind and spend an evening with your family, friends, or partner.

SCCC has chosen to broadly divide the space into five distinct zones. The first zone gives visitors an overview of how the geographic, political, and economic factors that played a role in Chinese Singaporean culture. Zone 2 is more focused on the traditional Chinese way of life and how family values have been passed down from generation to generation. The third zone captures the historic cultural exchanges that took place between the residents of Singapore and Chinese migrants of the 19th century. This resulted in an explosion of new customs, local cuisine, and pastimes that are fundamentally unique to Singapore. These multicultural influences are represented in Zone 4 - Made in Singapore. In the fifth and final zone, you will discover how Singapore made its mark on the global stage.

Why Visit SINGAPO人

After several months of stringent lockdowns, SCCC has opened its doors to visitors once more. Regardless of whether you are a history buff or a casual visitor, SINGAPO人 has something special for everyone. As you journey through each of the five interactive zones, you will discover all the deeply fascinating nuances of this Singaporean offshoot of Chinese culture. SINGAPO人 can also be a great place for children to learn about the country’s diverse heritage. Walking through the beautifully lit ‘Zone 1’ will give you an overview of the Chinese Zodiac and the Chinese New Year. Each zone has its own unique manner of introducing you to Chinese culture or taking you on a nostalgia trip. Zone 3, for instance, has a full-fledged futuristic projection table that gives you a complete walkthrough of historic Chinese dishes such as laksa and chilly crab.

Top Things to do at SINGAPO人

  • Learn about the cultural exchanges, heritage, and government policies that have influenced the development of the Chinese community in Singapore.

  • Enjoy a live-streamed performance by local artists at the TGIF Music Station.

  • Stroll through five unique exhibition zones to learn about a variety of traditions, festivals, and food of this community.

  • Delight in an interactive game of Kopi or find out how the humble seaport of Singapore transformed into a tourism and finance hub.

Facts and Information about SINGAPO人

  • Owing to the innumerable doors and windows in the room, Zone 2 has a charming Alice in Wonderland feel to it. These exhibits are actually pieced together from demolished HBD estates!

  • The drawers and cupboards in Zone 2 are filled with soft toys, blankets, and vintage cassette players that are sure to transport you all the way back to your childhood in the ’80s and ‘90s.

  • The Kopi table in Zone 3 gives you a full multiplayer touchscreen experience that will test your knowledge of Chinese street cuisine.

  • Don’t forget to collect your personality card in Zone 5 using the RFID band you receive at the entrance. Your personality type on the report will be based on all the rooms you explored and the points you scored during your visit.

  • All the galleries are fully wheelchair and baby stroller accessible.

  • Eating, drinking, and smoking are not allowed inside the gallery.

  • Photography and videography for non-commercial, personal use are permitted in the gallery.

know before you go


Opening Hours:

Mon: 2 PM - 8 PM

Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 10 AM - 8 PM

English Tour:

Sat, Sun: 3 PM

Mandarin Tour:

Sat, Sun: 4 PM

How To Get To SINGAPO人

By Bus:

There are two stops from which you can walk to Singapo 人 - Opposite AXA Tower and UIC Building. You can take bus numbers 10, 10E, 57, 97, 97E, 100, or 131 to get to either of these stops.

By Metro:

Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT (EW15) and take Exit D. The exhibition is a short 7-minute walk from here. Alternatively, you can also take Exit E.


Parking is available at SCCC from 7 AM to 5 PM at a rate of $2.25 per billed every 30 minutes. From 5 PM, the cost is $3.50 per entry.

Things To Do Near SINGAPO人

Gardens by the Bay:

Spanning a massive 250 acres, this is counted amongst Singapore’s most iconic attractions. It is located just 2 km from SINGAPO人, and you can either take a cab or walk directly to the gardens from the SCCC. In 2018 alone, the park received a whopping 50 million visitors. Gardens by the Bay has various sections featuring exotic flora from across the world. The Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Grove are some of the most sought-after attractions here. Opened in 2014, the Children’s Garden contains trampolines, hanging bridges, and other fun equipment that your kids are certain to enjoy.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore:

A towering architectural marvel that has come to define the grandeur of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands offers an unmatched resort experience near the bay. The 1,120 foot Skypark at the top gives visitors a chance to swim and dine atop the world’s most massive cantilevered platform. There are over 2,500 rooms and suites that you can book for an absolutely premium night at Singapore’s finest resorts. The Marina Bay Sands Casino, which is touted to be the most expensive casino property in the world, is one of the top attractions here. You can also spend some time sampling delicacies at the various premier restaurants and bars that line the interiors of the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes.

National Gallery Singapore:

The National Gallery complex is particularly well-known for housing both the former Supreme Court Building and the City Hall. In many ways, the National Gallery of Singapore is a spectacular confluence of old and modern architecture. The gallery has a huge collection consisting of over 9000 pieces of art from Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. Traveling shows and exhibitions are conducted throughout the year. If you are interested in discovering more about the exhibits in the gallery, you should definitely consider visiting the Keppel Centre for Art Education, a learning hub for visitors of all ages.

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