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Paris, a global centre for entertainment, art, fashion, gastronomy and culture, occupies the top spot as the most popular tourist destination of the world. The beautiful city is famous for its historical monuments, incredible museums, fashion boulevards, operas, and modern leisure attractions. Amongst the contemporary entertainment and recreation options in Paris, Disneyland is the leading crowd puller.

Use your Disneyland Paris discount tickets and explore a world class theme park inspired by Europe's best loved tales and timeless fascination for cinema has been the hottest attraction of Paris surpassing even the Eiffel Tower! Consisting of two parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland is a source of joy to the young and the young at heart giving its visitors an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Why You Can't Miss Disneyland Paris

A lavish and stunning amusement park, Disneyland Paris is something you cannot miss if travelling to Paris. Home to two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, it has abundant entertainment opportunities, luxury hotels, and exquisite restaurants.The Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty Castle), one of the highlights of this stunning castle park, has to be seen to be believed. The beauty and detailing of the castle leaves you totally in awe and spell bound. The rides that take you back in time, haunted mansions, intense rollercoasters, and simulation experiences give you a thrill of a lifetime.

Walt Disney Studios Park is a reflection of Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a mock movie sound stage and major Pixar attractions. Simply wandering around in the park and taking in the beauty, and enjoying the festivity in the air is a feast for the senses. The conclusion of the day with spectacular fireworks, laser lights, and projections will leave you wanting more.

Disneyland Paris Discount Tickets

Avoiding the Crowd

Knowing the huge popularity of this incredible amusement park you can stay prepared to be confronted with humongous crowds. A little bit of smart planning and forethought can go a long way in making your Disney trip far more enjoyable and leisurely.

  • Choose off-peak time: The parks are definitely quieter outside of school holiday times and weekends. A midweek trip specially on Tuesdays and Thursdays ensures lesser crowds.
  • Online booking: Advance online booking can help you cut down the wait time and save you the hassle of standing in long queues for onsite entry tickets.
  • Buy a VIP Fast Pass: The queues are negligible with this pass. This comes for a price but can be very valuable for someone hard pressed for time. There are also free fast passes for some select rides which when passed through the machine at the ride give you a designated time to return for the ride.
  • Go for rides during the parades: If you are more interested in the rides it is best to head for them during parades as most people are busy watching their favourite characters go by.
  • Use the wait time apps: These apps help you determine the wait time for a ride. You can decide which ride is worth waiting for and walk the distance accordingly.

The Parks

Disneyland Park

You can immerse yourself in the world of Disney stories, and experience the magic of fairy tales in Disneyland Park. With over 50 attractions for assorted age groups, stunning colourful parades bringing to life your favourite Disney characters, and spectacular live shows, each trip to Disneyland is a memorable one.

At Disneyland Park, you can zip through the galaxy, travel back and forth in time, discover the world of pirates, walk on the edge through simulation, brave out a haunted mansion, and go on a voyage with dolls from all over the globe. Not to forget, The unforgettable fireworks and laser displays at the magnificent Sleeping Beauty Castle are bound to leave you dazzled with amazement.

Walt Disney Studios Park

At Walt Disney Studios Park, you can uncover behind the scene truths of the most magical Disney films and television, discover the making of special effects and animation, meet and greet your Disney friends, and explore the amusement land bursting with thrill and adventure. Walt Disney Studios Park is divided into several "studio lots", representing various aspects of film production present at a Hollywood film studio.

Toon Studio is all about classic Disney and Pixar animated characters.You can even get an insider's glimpse into the incredible world of cartoon design. Many thrilling attractions and an exciting Ratatouille themed ride and restaurant are also the highlights here. Production Courtyard's theme revolves around the production aspect of the Tinseltown. This is also the hub of stunning shows inspired by movie legends!

The Backlot is themed after actual movie backlots and showcases the high thrills of movies and stunts with soundtracks from blockbusters such as Mission Impossible 2, Planet of the Apes, Batman etc. This lot is also for high speed roller coaster rides giving you an adrenaline rush and some great dining experiences.

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Disneyland Village

Disney Village is the hub of entertainment for the whole family with shopping, restaurants, live shows, music, dancing, movies, and more. The state-of-the-art Gaumont Cinema Complex boasts of 15 screens, where you an enjoy the latest releases. The Disney village also boasts of the best hot-air balloon ride, Panoramagique, one of the biggest in the world, allowing you a panoramic view of Disneyland Paris.

The Stadium arcade has some of the top entertaining games ranging from simulators to other sports thrill machines. Planet Hollywood is the place for you want to fulfil your dream of starring in your own neon-lit walk of fame. You can binge on some American fare while watching the thrilling live-action Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show or enjoy some cowboy cuisine watching timeless tales from the American frontier. The place is buzzing with theme cafes giving it a scintillating magical tone.

Rides at Disneyland Paris

Find the complete list of rides at Disneyland Paris here.

Walt Studios Disney Park

Armageddon: les Effets Spéciaux: An exciting journey through a spacecraft's control room helps you discover mind boggling special effects. It is thrilling as your orbiting space station is taken in by meteorite shower and everything around you either explodes, crumbles, or disappears into deep space. An action packed attraction for all age groups.

Art of Disney Animation: A cinema presentation that takes you to the inside story of Disney Animation. You will learn about the inception and legacy of Walt Disney animation with Disney Characters from all eras. Followed by an interactive session giving you a chance to pencil in some animation.

Crush's Coaster: This ride takes you in the deep blue sea as you board a turtle shell for an incredible journey of Barrier Reef with Nemo, Squirt etc.The next moment you are hurled to deep dark ocean, coming face to face with ravenous sea creatures. This ride has a minimum height restriction of 1.07m.

Les Tapis Volants - Flying Carpets Over Agrabah: This flying carpet ride takes you to Aladdin’s magical land. You go up, down, and around a giant genie's lamp. You can also command your magical carpet to go higher, plunge down or tilt forward or backward.

Ratatouille: A Recipe for Adventure: This is a super immersive 4D experience at Disney Ratatouille, highly popular with the children. The chase through the sights, sounds and smells of Gusteau's famous Parisian restaurant are sure to leave you asking for more.

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Disneyland Park

Adventure Isle: Crisscrossing suspension bridge, skull rock, slim pathways and spooky caves all lead you to an adventure trail. You have spectacular daytime view of the whole land and an equally mesmerising feel at night with hanging lanterns. Folks of all age group get a kick out of it.

Big Thunder Mountain: This is a thrilling ride on a runaway mine train cart as it takes you on a crazy rattling ride around a haunted mountain. This wild expedition takes you through dips and sharp turns, around raging waterfalls and raving rivers, giving you a rush of excitement. It has a height restriction of 1.02m.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril: This is a whip-cracking adventure roller coaster ride. As your railed wagon meanders in and out of the dark and mysterious jungle ruins, and spiral into out of control twists and turns, you are accosted by screams, stone snake sculptures, and other fiery elements. With a minimum height restriction of 1.4m, this ride is perfect entertainer for teens and adults.

La Tanière du Dragon: Underneath the Sleeping Beauty Castle lies a monstrous imprisoned and chained dragon. As you get closer it may rumble into a fiery surprise sending a chill down your spine.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: This is a super thrilling high speed ride into a classic space adventure. You buckle up and launch yourself on a mission in a exploration vehicle to detect an Imperial Star Destroyer. With minimum height restriction of 1.20m, this ride is very popular with the tweens, teens, and adults.

Entertainment at Disneyland Paris

Find the complete list of entertainment at Disneyland Paris here.

Walt Studios Disney Park

Disney Junior Live on Stage: A giant storybook stage is brought to life before your eyes with some famous Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. The gang sing catchy songs and dance amidst a colourful ambience.

Meet 'n' Greet with Minnie or friends: An opportunity to meet and strike a pose with your favourite Disney character Minnie and her friends at Toon Studio.

Mickey and the Magician: A fantastic musical show at Animagique Theater. Incredible illusions are brought to life by a troupe of Disney Characters, including Genie, Rafiki, and Elsa. The incredible special effects and stunning stage set leave you in total awe.

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular: This is a sensational Disney cars stunt show with plenty of skidding, screeching, jumping, and even flying through fire. It features some of most amazing popular Disney gas guzzlers.

Shows & Parades in Disneyland Parks: These are spectacular parades and shows, with Disney characters trooping through the streets in daytime parades and a magical show illuminating the night sky.

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Disneyland Park

Disney Princesses: A Royal Invitation: You can spend a memorable moment with a real Disney princess in the most enchanting of surroundings here.

An Encounter with Darth Vader : You can feel the full power of the Force as you encounter a Star Wars Character, such as the dreaded Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader, in a galaxy far, far away.

Meet 'n' Greet: You can find many Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Peter Pan, Alice, Baloo, Pluto, and Winnie the Pooh in the park. You can catch hold of them to strike a pose and treasure the moment.

Disney Stars on Parade: The parade is a riot of colours, sparkling costumes, magical new music, and much more presenting an enchanting Disney story. A fire-breathing dragon, Woody and the Toy Story gang, Peter Pan, Disney princes and princesses, Mickey and friends, and the Lion King and Jungle Book characters, all come together for this stunning sparkle.

The spectacularly sparkly Disney Illuminations show: When the day comes to an end, the Sleeping Beauty Castle comes to life as the the parapets and turrets of the castle dazzle with special effects and spectacular fireworks light up the night sky. The spectacle of the colourful fireworks showering over the castle and laser lights slicing through the magical mist are matched by water works in perfect harmony.

Dining at Disneyland Paris

Find the complete list of eateries at Disneyland Paris here.

Walt Studios Disney Park Restaurants

Bistrot Chez Rémy: This is a Parisian Bistro based on Remy’s theme specialising in flavourful French cuisine.

Disney Blockbuster Café: With an industrial Disney props warehouse theme, this cafe is famous for its delicious sandwiches, pizza, and pasta.

Restaurant des Stars: This is a classy French buffet restaurant with a theme revolving around the famous film stars.

Restaurant en Coulisse: A delightful eatery based on Hollywood theme. The neon lights and props will make you feel like a film star.

Café des Cascadeurs: This caravan-turned-authentic 50s diner is famous for some big American fillers.

Disneyland Park Restaurants

Auberge de Cendrillon: Bringing Cinderella’s story to life, this fairytale restaurant specialising in French cuisine has stone archways, house flags, and spectacular stained-glass windows.

Au Chalet de la Marionnette: This chalet-style eatery presents tasty delights with a Bavarian touch straight from the world of Pinocchio.

Captain Jack's - Restaurant des Pirates: Based on a pirate theme, this restaurant is famous for its exotic seafood and Creole cooking.

Exclusive Character Dining at Disneyland Paris: You can enjoy a meal with your favourite Disney character at one of these exclusive dining options.

Restaurant Agrabah Café: Inspired by Disney’s favourite character Aladdin’s world, this restaurant specialises in Moroccan and Middle Eastern buffet.

Disneyland Paris Practical Information

Disneyland Paris Opening Hours

Both the the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio Park open at 10 AM. Closing times vary, and can be found here.

How to Get to Disneyland Paris

By Air: There are more than 500 flights arriving to/departing from Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports.
By train: The Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station is one of the most important hubs in France. It is just a 2-minute walk from the station to the Disney Parks.
By Car: Located just 32 kms away from Paris, it is conveniently approachable by car.

Rules & Regulations

  • You have to carry a valid entry ticket to the park and abide by the terms and conditions mentioned on the ticket.
  • For security and safety reasons, Euro Disney has the right to inspect or check the visitors while entering the park. It is advisable to avoid carrying any item that may disturb other visitors like loud speakers, selfie sticks, drones and remote control toys, roller blades, bicycles, scooters or any other recreational means of transport or any items that may be harmful, disruptive or inappropriate.
  • It is advisable to dress appropriately so that you don't offend, shock or scare children and a family-orientated public. You are not allowed to wear clothing covering your face completely unless it is for explainable medical reasons.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult for ticket purchase and entry to the Parks.
  • Animals are not allowed inside the Parks, with the exception of assistance animals.
  • Suitcases, bags, or any other large container, exceeding 55cm x 40cm x 25cm, are not permitted inside the Parks. You can use the luggage storage facilities located outside the Parks if need be.
  • For leaving a Park and returning to it, or the other Park, on the same day, you need to verify the procedure and necessary documents/hand stamps with an employee before doing so.
  • For your own safety you need to be aware of the requisite health conditions for certain attractions and review the warnings provided extensively in brochures, websites and the park itself.
  • Height restrictions are strictly followed.
  • Certain attractions may be closed without any prior notice.


  • Use various ways to save time like choose off peak time, get online bookings for tickets, buy VIP fast pass to avoid long queues etc.
  • Wear comfortable casual clothes and shoes to help you walk around happily. Dressing up like characters is a fun idea to catch the attention of the characters in the parade.
  • Get an up-to-date timetable and programme for the day. It’s really important as timings keep changing and knowing the show timings will help you plan your time.
  • Carrying some packed food is a good idea as a handy and economical option.
  • There is a massive rush to leave at closing time so leaving about 25 minutes into the firework display is a good time to leave to avoid the crowds.


For a first time traveller to Disneyland it was a shock! The magic kicks in the moment you enter the park lot!The kids had a real good time. Wonderful experience, excellent staff, and mostly excellent entertainment opportunities. Highly reccomend The Hollywood Tower Hotel for a 5 story elevator drop!!

Andrei R, TripAdvisor, April 2018

Fantastic parades but the light show/firework display at 10pm was just breathtaking. Fantastic place to visit for wheelchair users & disabled people - staff couldn't be more helpful, can't speak highly enough of them.

Paul T, TripAdvisor, April 2018

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