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Situated in Andalusia, Granada is a heavenly city that captivates visitors with its cultural and historic heritage. The city boasts numerous palaces and gardens owing its legacy to Moorish and Spanish Empires. Be a guest at this ancient city and experience its sophisticated lifestyle.

The Moorish Jewel
Granada is a 1000 years old city and is a melting pot of both modern and ancient times. The preservation of its history, medieval complexes, contemporary and classically designed buildings puts Granada on a pedestal. The province of Granada is a present to Spain by the Moorish rulers with legendary mausoleums like Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces that house alluring pools, courtyards and vibrant blooms. Dwelt with the air of chic streets and architectural marvel at every corner, this city leaves an unfading trace of awe in every visitor's memory.

The Red Castle- Alhambra
Founded in 1238, the Emirate of Granada is home to various World Heritage sites. One such site is the palace city of Alhambra, Granada’s most emblematic monument and the most visited place in Spain. Alhambra sits on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, lying just above the city of Granada. Previously home to the Nasrid Sultans, the palace offers an opportunity to truly admire the extravagant Moorish architecture, lush gardens, cascading water features and glorious views of the city.

The culinary history of Granada is dense with Narsid, Middle Eastern, Sephardi and Roman impact. Eating is inexpensive as most of the bars serve free Tapas (a small portion of food) with every drink. Every pedestrian street is lined with a wide variety of restaurants. Ask for Un Costa, a local wine that is handy at every bar. Indulge yourself in the local gastronomy and the succulent flavours of the Andalusian city.

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