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Walking Tours

Discover the French Capital on foot with the Paris Walking Tours. The true culture of the city can be felt on the streets, marketplaces and cafes that line these streets.

Bike & Segway

Abandon the standard visits with a bicycle or segway tour through the Palace of Versailles, Montmartre hill and different districts in and around Paris. Have a look and choose your pick from a variety of alternatives.


A Seine river cruise is one of the most beautiful ways to discover the city of Paris. Gently cruise the river as it makes it way through the heart of the city. Check out these amazing cruises on the Seine to have an amazing time in Paris.

Food & Wine

Experience the gastronomic heritage of France with food and wine, as you tour along the picturesque sights of Paris.

Guided Tours

Take a guided voyage through Paris with the assistance of your accomplished guide who will give you intriguing bits of knowledge about the different Paris attractions.

Paris City Tours

Paris City Tours will help you to totally acclimate yourself with this exquisite city. You will get the chance to visit attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral and some more.

Bus Tours

A Paris bus tour allows you to roam the city at your own pace and time. You can sit on the open air double decker and enjoy close views of some of the most prominent attractions.

Night Tour

A night tour is fundamental to soak in the twinkly aura of the city, particularly the Eiffel Tower which is worth a visit in the evening. Have a look at this curated list to know more.


History of Paris

Paris was founded in the 3rd century BC and was initially called Lutetia. With over 6,100 streets you can explore and a plethora of monuments and structures, Paris is a marvel. The city of lights, Paris is a popular tourist attraction today, because of things to do here long with the much revered French cuisine.

Paris Attractions

Look out for the following sites and attractions while in Paris:

Eiffel Tower

The Louvre

Montparnasse Tower

Paris Asterix

The Louvre


Disneyland Paris Tickets

Disneyland Paris is situated about 30 kms from the city and is the most visited theme park in Europe.

Top 5 attractions at Disneyland Paris:

It’s a Small World

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Big Thunder Mountain

Pirates of the Caribbean

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters

Getting to Disneyland Paris

The easiest and most convenient way to travel from the city to the park is through the RER trains or the metro system. You can purchase a single use RER ticket for the same. Tour buses and other shuttle services are also available.

Tripadvisor Reviews

Below are some assorted reviews for various sightseeing and boat tours across Paris.

Excellent sightseeing tour on comfortable boat - only down side is that we didn’t realise it would take 2 hours plus to do a full tour and the tour only goes in one direction so you have to be quite strategic in where you board and alight the craft. Otherwise excellent way of getting about. - Chris M

We visited Paris in late January, so the weather was VERY cold. Consequently, the access to the towers and gargoyles was not available that day. We were given passes to come back for the tower tour another day, but our schedule was too full to be able to go back. However, our guide gave us a wonderful tour of the cathedral itself. He was extremely knowledgeable and gave us tons of details about Notre Dame. We were a little disappointed not to see the gargoyles, but were very happy and impressed with the tour we got! - Janagram2

Second time we have been to the Louvre Museum. Amazing. The tour groups can be annoying because they will stand in front of things you want to see for long periods of time. But its worth going to.- carriekit

I only had two days in Paris, one for the city, the second for the Palace of Versailles. Some people leave bad reviews, because of not having enough time, but I think it was the perfect amount of time. They brought us to each monument explained all of the necessary information. They gave us all ear pieces which was good when we would wander off. I think you have to be real with yourself, just because the ear piece is in, doesn’t mean you have to listen if you don’t want too. The tour guides give you the information and its up to you to listen. - Patricia M

My husband and I really enjoyed this tour. The tour director gave us ear buds so we could clearly hear her. She was very organized and informative. We twice took a boat on the Seine. From the Louve to the Eiffel Tour and from the Eiffel tour to Notre Dame. The lunch at the Eiffel Tour was a highlight. It was delicious, and the view was stunning - straight to the Concord. I would high recommend this tour. - Jane O

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