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Dinner in Paris

A dinner in Paris is one of the most romantic experiences you can have. Be amazed by the stunning sights of a beautifully lit Paris at night and enjoy the choicest of French cuisine for dinner. These are some of our best dinner experiences in Paris.

Lunch in Paris

Enjoy some of the finest French delicacies and experience the true taste of Paris with these curated lunch experiences. The taste of authentic French food is truly heavenly and will be the most memorable part of your Paris holiday.

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Seine River Cruise at Night

Observe stunning views of Paris by night as you float across the Seine. Experience the city of lights come alive with the twinkling lights and the aura of the Paris’s great architecture.

Sightseeing + Food Combos

Pair your sightseeing visits with meal options to keep your tummy from rumbling. We have curated a list of products for you to keep the traveller and food enthusiast in you satisfied!

Best Paris Food Tours

Food for the French is a way of life. If you are in Paris, experiencing this passion - tasting the quality food and wine France is famous for - is a must. Travel through the streets of Paris and discover the sights and smell French marketplaces. These guided tours will also get you acquainted with French favourites such as eclairs, crepes, various breads, a variety of cheeses, wine and champagnes.

Best Food In Paris To Try

Here are seven classic French preparations that you must try in Paris:

Soupe à l’oignon - The classic onion, beef stock and cheese soup; a French classic.

Steak-frites - Grilled steak served with several sauces and potato chips.

Croissant - Ever present in every bakery, this pastry is what makes a quintessential French breakfast.

Crepes - Very thin pastries made fresh with wheat flour and the true Parisian street food.

Croque-monsieur - A grilled ham and cheese sandwich popular all over Paris.

Duck confit - Duck thighs cooked in their own fat, accompanied with garlic potatoes.

Macarons - An extremely popular pastry all over the world, macarons are almond meringue halves with layers of buttercream or ganache in the middle.

Lunch In Paris

Give your day a perfect break by eating the freshest and most artfully prepared delicious French food for lunch. The hustle and bustle of travelling between Parisian monuments and soaking in the art and culture in the city may leave one exhausted. A lunch, paired with the best French wine, is the perfect way to relax and regain the energy required to discover Paris.

Lunch in Paris can be had at one of thousands French cafes and restaurants spread across the city. Or, you can take a Paris lunch cruise and enjoy the sights of the city from a luxury boat.

Paris Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a cruise and a dinner in Paris to experience the best of what the city has to offer. Cruise down the Seine river and enjoy the magnificent sight of Parisian monuments twinkling by the river. Making this moment even more magical will be the host of French dishes and wine that are typically served on dinner cruises in Paris.

A Seine river dinner cruise in Paris is a romantic and relaxed affair to undertake. You will get to not only enjoy some of the finest French food and drink the loveliest wine, but also experience the city of Paris like never before. Paris, under the stars’ lights, is a truly enchanting place and Seine river tour at night is the perfect way to feel it.

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