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Broadway Musicals

Musicals and their combination of spoken dialogue, acting, and dance have entertained hearts and minds across the world. Broadway Musicals in New York remain one of the most classical forms of stage art.

Broadway Plays

Taking the forms of comedy, farce, parody, satire, tragedy or drama, storytelling has many forms and watching the best of the best in Broadway plays is one of the most popular things to do in New York.

Off-Broadway Shows

New York is full of theatres that have brilliant shows playing in them. Spread across the city, off-broadway shows are magical in their own right and home to some of the most inventive and exciting shows in New York.

Exclusive Discounts

With Headout, getting Broadway ticket discounts is easier than before and you can now watch your favorite shows without having to give your pocket a thought.

New Arrivals

Keep an eye on this section to find out more about new broadway shows and the latest productions that have hit the stage. Here’s your chance to watch an early show of classics in the making.

Shows Closing Soon

With a different season setting in, Broadway is preparing itself for a change and make place for the new. Make sure to go through this list of Broadway shows closing soon and catch them before their run on Broadway ends.

Kid Friendly Broadway Shows

Looking for a family-friendly Broadway show for kids? Worry not as we have you covered. This curated list of shows should help you find the best show for kids of all ages!

Celebs on Stage

Be it Matthew Broderick in Sylvia or Bruce Willis in Misery, celebrities on Broadway have always been an attraction. Here is a curated collection of shows that feature celebrities from the world of television, movies and music.

2017 Tony Award Nominees

These shows have been nominated for the 2017 Tony Awards. Celebrating the best writers, directors, actors and moments of brilliance from the world of theater, these shows highlight the best of Broadway.

All Time Classics

There are some shows that are made to be watched by everyone. Shows like Les Miserables and Aladdin have stood the test of time and have been favorites across generations.

Pocket Friendly Options

These shows are your go to option when you are craving Broadway theater but don’t want to spend a bomb on the tickets. Check out these options and your pocket will thank you later!

Critics’ Choice

Check this to discover the Broadway shows that have won immense praise in the theater circle. From all-time classics to new favorites, these are the most loved and looked forward to shows on Broadway at the moment.

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

Broadway New York

Broadway shows are a New York classic and one of the most popular entertainment attractions in the world. Whether you’re making plans in advance or looking for last minute Broadway tickets, Headout has you covered.

What is Broadway

Broadway is the collective term used for performances in 40 theatres with a seating capacity of more than 500 people. These are usually found in the Theater District and Lincoln Center, in Midtown Manhattan.

Musicals on Broadway

Musicals have been one of the most popular forms of live entertainment since they emerged out of the the works of Harrigan and Hart in America. The combination of songs along with dialogue and dance make musicals one of the most appreciated arts and one of the biggest revenue generators on Broadway.

Some of the most popular Broadway musicals currently are Hamilton, The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, The Book of Mormon and Chicago. Musicals have historically been the more popular form of performances in Broadway and have immensely influenced American popular culture.

Plays on Broadway

Plays on Broadway, or worldwide, have always been the marquee form of entertainment. They take many forms - parody, ,farce, comedy, satire, tragedy or drama. The earliest history of theater in New York are performances of Shakespeare plays, most famously that of Edwin Booth playing the role of Hamlet.

Some of the most popular Broadway plays currently are Not That Jewish, The Present, The Glass Menagerie, Jitney, Oslo and Six Degrees of Separation.

Broadway Facts

The Playhouse was one of the first theater to open on Broadway in the 1730s.

Andrew Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running Broadway show of all time with over 10,000 performances.

Of the 40 Broadway theaters, only 4 are actually located on Broadway.

In 2015-2016, the total attendance was 13,317,980 and Broadway shows had US$1,373,253,725 in grosses.

The Tony Awards were originally called the “Antoinette Perry Award". It is named in honor of Antoinette Perry, chairman and secretary of the American Theatre Wing throughout World War II.

During the first two years of the Tonys in 1947 and 1948, there was no official Tony award. Male winners were presented with a scroll and a cigarette lighter while the women were awarded the scroll and a compact for the women.

There is no Row “I” in most theatres. This was deliberately done to avoid disappointment for those audiences who thought they would be sitting in the first row.

The Producers, The new Mel Brooks musical (2001) was the most highly-awarded musical. It won 12 Tony awards.

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