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Amsterdam Canal Cruise Tours

Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is home to some of the most beautiful canals and neighborhoods in Europe. Amsterdam enjoys a reputation as the Venice of the north and have more than a 100 kilometer of canals and 1500 bridges crossing over it. The monuments and buildings that line the canal are beautiful in their own right and together, they present one of the most quaint and modern pictures for a city. These canals are now placed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The three famous canals of Amsterdam are Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht. These were made in the 17th century and their beauty easily reminds one of the Dutch Golden Age. These canals circle the entire city and lining them are more than 1500 buildings classified as “monuments”.

Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise

These romantic cruises will intimately introduce you to a different side of Amsterdam. In the twilight glow, the beautifully designed buildings and landmarks of Amsterdam will present a sight straight out of a fairy tale.

Evening canal cruises are one of the most popular cruises in Amsterdam. Usually, these cruises are dinner cruises as well. A 90-minute evening canal cruise in Amsterdam is surel to create a lasting memory.

Amsterdam Dinner Cruise

From stroopwafels to the choicest of cheese, Amsterdam has a rich culinary history waiting to be experienced. Now, pairing a Dutch meal with a cruise in the canals is the perfect way to go about visiting Amsterdam - taking in the wonderful sights of the city as well as enjoying a delicious Dutch meal. Whether with friends or family, an Amsterdam dinner cruise will surely be a hit.

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