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September 2020

Evening Desert Safari

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Best Safety
Evening Desert Safari
Red Dune Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner & Live Entertainment
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AED 79
Best Safety
Evening Desert Safari
Premium Desert Safari at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
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AED 305
무료 취소
무료 취소
무료 취소
무료 취소
Evening Desert Safari
Romantic Dinner Desert Safari
새로운 상품
AED 1,167.5

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris are the quintessential desert safari experiences in Dubai. Evening Desert Safaris are also considered to be the best desert safaris in Dubai. One of the best ways to experience the desert is to head out to the dunes in the afternoon after the sun has come lower in the sky and the temperatures have become milder. It makes the sunset all the more enjoyable, the amber sky matching perfectly with the red and orange sands.

After the sun has set and the day’s activities are done, one can then sit back and relax while they enjoy the comforts of a desert camp. The tables are spread out with delicious food from the best of Arabian platters and continental dishes. Traditional dance forms such as belly dance and tanoura dances are performed and guests are encouraged to participate as well.

Evening Desert Safaris Activities

A typical desert safari in Dubai begins at home where your designated driver/guide will come to pick you up in a 4x4 in the afternoon. You drive onto the desert, leaving the city behind. Once you arrive at the desert camp, your guide will help you get acquainted with the surroundings and the amenities present at the camp.

Typical early safari activities include falconry. Falconry in the United Arab Emirates is an ages old tradition still practiced today. It is fascinating to watch these birds in action, a sight we rarely see. Following the falconry is the camel riding experience. The ships of the seas, as they are aptly called, offer one of the oldest traditions of the region, riding them across the desert. Camel rides are also extremely fun and one of the must-dos in a desert safari camp.

Once the camel ride is over, the time to take on the desert arrives. With the assistance of a professional driver, you will be able to ride the desert dunes in a thrilling and adventurous dune bashing experience. Lovers of off-roading will relish this experience and is something you must try when you are in Dubai. Other adrenaline pumping activities at the desert safari camp will be riding a dune buggy or a quad bike across the desert dunes. One can also sand board down the sandy dune slopes in one of the newest adventure sports.

Evening Desert Safari Dinner

The later half of the day, once the sun has set, will see you relax in luxury and comfort in traditional, yet modern, desert camps. During this time, one can enjoy the delicious food that will be laid out across the table. From fresh salads and fruits to Arabic coffee and Middle Eastern grilled meat, the dinner will become one of the best memories of the day. All this in the company of exotic dancers performing the traditional belly and tanoura dances for your entertainment.

Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Some evening desert safaris are also available as overnight safaris. Once the enjoyment and entertainment for the day is over, one can relax and fall asleep under the stars or in comfortable tents at the venue. Overnight desert safaris are also quite popular since they provide a thorough experience that includes breakfast as well.

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