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Ramadan Hakimi
Recensito in May, 2018

We had a wonderful time at both the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Charles Reynolds
Recensito in May, 2018

I had heard from a friend that there are long queues, therefore, I booked these tickets and thank God for that. We got through without any hassle.

Rose Taylor
Recensito in May, 2018

These passes made sure we got through without waiting in the line for long. If you are planning to visit Disneyland Park go for these passes, they are the best!

Malcolm Peltier
Recensito in May, 2018


Antionette McClure
Recensito in May, 2018

The Disneyland in Paris is brilliant. I went with a group of friends and we had a great time.

Johanna Straka
Recensito in April, 2018

My family and I had a blast at the park, this was a perfect day for us.

Drew Dahl
Recensito in April, 2018

We went on a weekend so it was crowded, but since we had this pass, we did not have to wait in the line:)

Joyce Arroyo
Recensito in April, 2018

I really liked both the park and studio. This is a good way to spend a day in the city.

Patrick Johnson
Recensito in April, 2018

The rides, shows, I loved everything. Definitely, go.

John Ramos
Recensito in April, 2018

I actually wasn't that impressed by the park. It wasn't good, but there are better tourist spots in Paris.

Joseph Sevier
Recensito in March, 2018

If you're planning a visit during the weekend or the peak season OR the weekend on peak season, THERE'S nothing else you should do but buy this pass!!!! It will seriously help you get through. You don't want to be standing in the line from morning to noon. Luckily we got through easily and could enjoy the rides until the crowd caught up to us eventually.

Angel Krebs
Recensito in March, 2018

There's literally no other way to visit Disneyland. You're going to be hit by a massive number of people who are eager to visit the park as much as you are. Of course, it is holiday season after all! Make sure you buy the pass online to at least save on yours as well as others' time. It will most certainly help you out, trust me.

Jenny Fox
Recensito in March, 2018

In my quest to find the cheapest tickets, I ended up stumbling upon Headout. At first the offer seemed too good to be true, but it turned out to be a life saviour. You're allowed to not just skip the line but also ride on the attractions for an unlimited number of times. Knowing Disneyland, you better stay eqiupped with the tickets so as to avoid the massive rush.

Aaron Nokes
Recensito in March, 2018

Disneyland is known for its notorious lines. Good thing we surfed the net for a skip the line and came across Headout. Perfect for a group as well. You're able to access the rides an unlimited number of times so there's really nothing else you require once you're there. Consider opting for this, especially when you're coming for the holidays.

Manuel Shelby
Recensito in March, 2018

Since we were going in as a group of two families, we decided to buy the pass online just to minimize the possibility of chaos. Seamless transition once you get the e-voucher on your phone. Make sure you all have your photo ids at hand, though. You don't want to waste time despite the ticket in your hand.

Efrain Meaney
Recensito in March, 2018

Bought the pass online on a friend's recommendation but don't know what's the use? Even after buying it and skipping the line, we were faced with an enormous amount of public inside. Would love to buy a pass that's a VIP or fast track entry instead of this.. waste of money!

Lucy Howley
Recensito in February, 2018

Disneyland is quite far, and you really need to plan your trip according to that! Who knew! We started off late and ended up late, thankfully we had our skip the line passes else we'd have only wasted the day standing on the counters for the longest time. I don't even know why people prefer that over an online voucher anyway, huh? What's your reason, people?

Cory Hibner
Recensito in February, 2018

What a total joy! Disneyland is not just my child's favourite, it is mine as well. We love It's A Small World but are constantly bugged because of the long lines. Good thing we could skip the line and head straight to the ride before anyone else could. Super fun! Thank you Headout, it made our day to be able to ride it two times in a loop!

Tonya Roberge
Recensito in February, 2018

As much as my children love Disneyland, I HATE it because of the constant crowd. No matter which Disneyland or Disneyworld you visit, you will find yourself face to face with a swarm of uncivilized tourists who are eager to get ahead of you. However, we managed to skip the initial entry crowd with the skip the line tickets. If you enter quickly, you can enjoy the rides without the long queues.

Kerry Ewen
Recensito in February, 2018

Thank GOD for Headout! Almost thought i'd have to stand in the line after seeing every other site sold out. Got the tickets here for a cheap deal and at ease. Didnt have trouble trusting after reading so many positive reviews. Thank you guys, you made my daughter's day after all.. and yes, mine too. Thank you!!!

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