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Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Tour from Seoul

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Take a day tour to one of the most sinister locations on the planet - The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) along the border between North and South Korea. Check out monumental war relics at the Imjingak Park, walk through the Third Infiltration Tunnel, get a glimpse of North Korea from the Dorasan Observatory, and witness North and South Korean Soldiers eyeballing one another at the Joint Security Area.

lo más destacado

  • Have a surreal experience at the Demilitarized Zone, a heavily guarded borderline scarring the Korean peninsula with its separation into North and South Korea.
  • Visit the Imjingak Park built as a tribute to those who suffered the brunt of the Korean War and the Freedom Bridge where many hostages and prisoners were exchanged.
  • Peep through binoculars into North Korea at the Dorasan Observatory and visit South Korea’s symbolic yet barely used getaway station to the North - the Dorasan Train Station.
  • Walk through the Third Infiltration Tunnel built by the North Koreans in an attempt to launch a surprise attack on South Korea in the 1970s.
  • Witness the eerie village of Panmunjom, also known as, the Joint Security Area where South Korean Soldiers directly face their North counterparts.
  • Pick from ticket options, including morning & afternoon tours.


  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation
  • Admission to DMZ + JSA

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  • Personal Expenses

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At the end of the Korean War in 1953, an armistice was signed by North and South Korea which resulted in the Demilitarized Zone, a 4 km-wide, 240 km-long border that has since scarred the Korean peninsula, dividing the North and South into two independent countries. Lined on both sides with tank traps, landmines, barbed wires on high fences and various other obstacles, it is the heaviest guarded border in the world. Visiting this sinister place can have an unsettling effect, especially when it’s weighed heavy with symbolism.

Your guided tour will begin at Imjingak Park situated 7 km from the Demarcation Line. The Park features monumental relics and sorrows from the Korean War and is dedicated to the 10 million Koreans who were separated from their friends and families. Also here is the Freedom Bridge connecting North to South where several South Koreans marched into their mother country from the North after the signing of the armistice.

An interesting aspect of DMZ will be your tour of the Third Infiltration Tunnel which was dug by the North Koreans in their attempt to infiltrate South Korea and launch a surprise attack. Walking along the 265m stretch of this 73m-deep tunnel, you’d be surprised by how often your head bumps the low-lying roof. Afterwards, enter the DMZ Theatre and Exhibition Hall where you can watch videos explaining the various tunnels that run below the DMZ and general history of the war and division of Korea.

After learning about historic Korea, you will head to the Dorasan Observatory. This is the part of South Korea that is the closest to the North. From here, one can peer into binoculars to catch a rare glimpse of North Korea in all its reclusiveness. Nearby is the Dorasan Station which is a symbol of hope for the reunification of Korea. Built in 2002, this modern station is ready and waiting to run on the day the two Koreas finally settle their differences and come together as one. Pass by the Unification Village before your JSA tour kick starts at Camp Bonifas, the joint US-ROK Army Camp where you’ll be given a briefing.


The aura of unpredictability has earned JSA a reputation for being dangerous. A history of conflict and deteriorating relations between the North and South gives one the feeling that anything can happen over here. The Joint Security Area (JSA) is a small area within the former village of Panmunjom and is the only portion of the DMZ where steely North and South Korean Soldiers stand face-to-face. Here, you will tour through blue Conference rooms where negotiations take place, The Freedom House, Bridge of No Return, and the infamous area of the Axe Murder Incident which took place in 1976 where several were left wounded including the death of two American Soldiers who suffered a fate handed down by the axe!

Although, an unlikely place of visit, the DMZ sees a lot of curious travellers who come to experience a silent awakening.

know before you go

Important Information

  • Start of tour and pick up from Gongdeok Subway Station Exit 2
  • End of tour and drop off at Gongdeok Subway Station Exit 2
  • All tourists must bring their passport along on the day of the tour as it will be required for ID check while at the DMZ.
  • All schedules are subject to change according to traffic or weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances regarding the military such as military training. Because the DMZ is operated by the military, the trip can get cancelled without prior notice.


  • DMZ is not the kind of place a traveller can just wander off. Tourists must stay with their guide and military escorts at all times.
  • No waving, pointing, signalling, or photography without permission while at the DMZ.
  • When you arrive at Conference room, do not touch any equipment such as microphones or flags belonging to the communist side.
  • Do not speak with, make any gesture toward or in any way, approach or respond to personnel from the North side.
  • Sometimes military or other official considerations may lead to prevention of entry into the joint security area.
  • Cameras with over 90mm zooming lens are not allowed.
  • Children under 11 years are not allowed.
  • No ripped pants, shorts, skirts, or camouflage. No shaggy or unkempt hair.


Morning Tour

  • Tue to Sun: 7am - 1:30pm

Afternoon Tour

  • Tue to Sun: 9am - 3:30pm

Closed on Mondays and Korean National Holidays.

mis entradas

  • Your voucher will be emailed to you instantly.
  • Display the voucher on your mobile phone with a valid photo ID at the meeting point.
  • Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your visit to avoid any delays.

Meeting Point

  • Meet your guide at Gongdeok Subway Station Exit 2.
  • Address: Seoul, South Korea.
  • Landmark: Adjacent to Trek Bike Mapo Branch.

Get Directions to the Meeting Point

Getting There

By Bus

  • The closest bus stop is Gongdeok Station Exit 1. It is a quick 1-minute walk to the meeting point.
  • Board buses 110B, 173, 604 to get you there.
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