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June 2019
Morning Safari

Morning Safari

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Morning Desert Safari

Some consider evenings to be the best time to enjoy the desert while some believe it to be the mornings. Morning desert safaris in Dubai may not be as popular as the evening safari, but it has its own unique charm that cannot be found in evening safaris.

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai Highlights

As the night gives way, the desert remains cool and presents an ideal setting for a morning desert safari in Dubai to be enjoyed. The slanted rays of the sun provide enough light to engage in activities such as wildlife spotting and hot air ballooning. The preference for evenings provides a much more peaceful setting in the morning. Do not be surprised if you don’t see anyone but your group and guide.

You also get to enjoy a delicious breakfast spread which includes traditional and international breakfast dishes, salads and fresh fruits as well.

Morning Wildlife Safari in Dubai

Deserts are one of the harshest environment in the world. The dune expanse of the Arabian desert holds the record for the largest sand covered region in the world. Precipitation levels in the Arabian desert are one of the lowest in the world.

In these conditions, only the strongest animals and plants survive in such an environment. In these wildlife safaris, your guide will enlighten you about the desert wildlife and help you spot these animals as well. Do try to spot Arabian oryxes and gazelle species which inhabit this terrain.

Camel Rides and Other Morning Safari Activities

One of the most popular and fun things to experience in the desert are camel rides. Nicknamed the ‘Ship of the deserts’, these hardy animals have been a lifeline in the desert for centuries. It is quite a unique and fun experience to have. Not only are the animals kind and gentle, but their walk has a swag that is sure to bring a smile on the faces of those undertaking it.

Other Dubai Morning Desert safari activities that one can experience are hot air ballooning over the desert landscape, sand boarding down desert dunes, driving a dune buggy across the desert and quad biking as well.

Morning Safari Breakfast

Standard affairs for those who are picky are always available. However, the real delight is found in trying dishes that belong to the region and a morning safari breakfast provides just that. Some of the favourite dishes from the region and a must-try are Arabic coffee; Rgaag with egg, an arabic bread and egg preparation; Balaleet that are sweet noodles and pancakes, called Chbaab.

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