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What the Constitution means to me is a thought that is running across most citizens of America. The document written by the founding fathers is in flux with the changing landscape of the country, which is fraught by extreme views. The play by Heidi Schreck brings forth her own experiences to trigger a conversation that is highly relevant and the need of the hour.

A path-breaking theatre format, What the Constitution Means to Me urges the viewer to follow Heidi’s journey as a teenage competitive speaker who debates the Constitution. Watch her bring forth the collective experiences of the women through the ages and debate with real-life high schoolers about the relevance of the Constitution in 2019!

Heidi Schreck has written the play and also acts as the main lead; it does not follow a typical theatrical format and swings from a one-one with the audience to enactment of the story. The cast includes Mike Ivenson, who plays a legionnaire and Rosdely Ciprian, and Thursday Williams who are high school students and play their real-life roles of debaters. The show runs for 90 minutes without intermission and offers an immersive experience to the spectator.

What The Constitution Means To Me : Broadway Story

The play, What the Constitution Means to Me, is an autobiographical narration of the playwright Heidi Schreck and how the American Constitution has impacted her life. Heidi spent her teenage years debating the merits of the Constitution in American Legion Halls across the country, winning to save up money for her college funds. She narrates how the Constitution impacted the lives of the women in her family going back to her great-great-grandmother, Theressa.

Heidi then narrates her experiences while debating the Constitution and how she could not adequately provide personal anecdotal references because the Constitution didn’t protect the rights of the women of her family, the same way it did for the majority of other white families. She references the Second, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment and how it impacts minorities including people of color, immigrants, poor, and disadvantaged. The play will reflect on the current scenario in the country and urges the audience to ponder over the relevance of the Constitution as it is.

Practical Info

Show Details

Show Timings
Tue, Thu & Fri - 8:00 PM
Wed - 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM
Sat - 2:00 PM & 8:00 PM
Sun - 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM

120 minutes with no intermission

Cast Members
Heidi Schrek
Rosdely Ciprian
Mike Iveson
Thursday Williams

Directed by
Oliver Butler

Costume Designs
Michael Krass



The Helen Hayes Theatre has a seating capacity of 597.

Available Facilities
In-house bar
Hearing assistance
Wheelchair accessible

Outside Food
Strictly prohibited. If you'd like to grab a meal before or after the show, check out our guide to the 30 Best Restaurants in the Theater District.

Dress Code
Smart and casual wear is recommended. Keep in mind, the theater is air conditioned throughout the year and can get a bit chilly.

what the constitution means to me broadway tickets

What The Constitution Means To Me Broadway Tickets

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What The Constitution Means To Me - Helen Hayes Theatre

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What the Constitution Means to Me first premiered Off-Broadway in 2018, and will play for a limited run of 12 weeks at The Helen Hayes Theatre from 14th March to 9th June 2019.

What the Constitution Means to Me Reviews

“It’s a masterful act of storytelling, blending unflinching vulnerability, nimble humor, and acute analysis to inspire revelation. It’s a play that expands beyond itself, offering an immensely powerful model for modern civic theatre.”
- Vulture

“What makes the play so impressive, and so necessary, is Schreck’s earnest, well-intentioned interest in reckoning not just with what’s gone wrong in our system, but also what’s gone right.”
- New York Stage Review

Note: The reviews are of an earlier edition of the show.

What The Constitution Means To Me Broadway Tickets

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