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Naples: Top 7 Day Trips You Must Take

1. Sorrento

A picturesque coastal town in southern Italy, Sorrento is dotted with antique shops that celebrate woodwork, lace merchandise and ceramic pieces.

2. Capri

Capri is a picturesque island like no other. From its stunning cove-studded coastline to the emerald blue waters and scenic pine tree-laden rocky landscape, Capri is a vacationer’s paradise.

3. Herculaneum

An ancient Roman fishing town located in the ambit of Mount Vesuvius, Herculaneum ruins offers a rare experience to the travellers.

4. Pompeii

A city wiped out by a volcanic eruption, was stumbled upon by a group of explorers. Pompeii is now a thriving tourist destination!

5. Ischia

From saltwater and thermal pools to private beaches and mud therapy, you'll find everything you need for a day of total relaxation at Ischia.

6. Paestum

Paestum is an archaeological site housing the ruins of an ancient Greek city - yes, Greek, not Roman - built here around the 5th Century BC.

7. Royal Palace of Caserta

Situated just about 30 kilometers from Naples, the Royal Palace of Caserta in the countryside makes for a perfect destination for a day trip from Naples.

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