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London: 10 Day Trips You Must Take

1. Windsor

A royal residence and fortress for almost 950 years, the Windsor Castle is one of the oldest and largest continually occupied castle in the world.

2. Bath

Home to natural hot springs, historic Roman ruins, 18th-century Georgian architecture and honey coloured stone houses; Bath is one of the most beautiful towns in England.

3. Stonehenge

One of the most historically significant remnants of Britain’s yesteryears is the Stonehenge, an unassuming but awe-inspiring structure of stones arranged on a field 5,000 years ago.

4. Reading

Reading has been nicknamed the city of parks by locals in the UK. There are over a hundred of them in this miniature town, each park with its own characteristics.

5. Oxford

Situated 60 miles from London, Oxford is one of the easiest day trips that you can take from London.

6. Warwick

A county town, Warwick is famous for its iconic 1,1000-year old castle and medieval charm.

7. Cotswolds

Reminiscent of the old-world charm, this pretty corner of England has repeatedly been honoured as the most picturesque rural setting in all of the British Isles.

8. Stratford-upon-Avon

Famous for being the town William Shakespeare was born in, Stratford-upon-Avon is located 100 miles from London and is famous for its parks, rivers, medieval buildings and the largest butterfly park in the world.

9. Leeds, Kent

A must-visit for lovers of history and architecture, Leeds Castle is situated 50 miles from London in the beautiful region of Maidstone, Kent.

10. Canterbury

Canterbury is a historic cathedral city in the district of Kent and UNESCO World Heritage Site that lies on the banks of River Stour.

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