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6 Cool Things To Do In Dubai

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cool things to do in Dubai

Dubai has a treasure trove of fun, unique activities. Let us introduce you to some cool things to do in Dubai!

Cool Things To Do In Dubai:

1. Al Mamzar Beach 

Most of us dream of the beach to spend some quality time reading a book, hanging out with friends and family while cooking up a barbecue and setting up a small picnic. To run carefree in the sands and to swim. In a city like Dubai that is constantly bustling with activity finding a quiet pocket that lets you do all of the above is as hard as finding parking. Here is when it helps to know of Al Mamzar beach, one of the quietest beaches in Dubai.

Take a taxi there from the Palm Deira Metro Station to reach Al Mamzar Beach.

cool things to do in Dubai

2. Frame it Right

Anyone who has ever been to the Burj Khalifa knows how crowded the place gets and we all know how difficult it gets to frame a picture in a crowded space. But, there is one spot that is completely overlooked. Approach The Dubai Mall from Sheikh Zayed Road and enter the “fashion parking” on level 1.

At the parking lot entrance to “At The Top” there is a small roundabout that leads you to a fountain, which most people walk past. Come close to the fountain and look up!

You are in the best spot to get a clean family portrait shot with the world’s tallest building.

cool things to do in Dubai

3. Hang out in Satwa

The neighbourhood of Satwa is bordered by Jumeirah and Bur Dubai is an accurate representation of what Dubai stands for. Racial diversity! Crammed with shops that sell a range of things- electronics to lanterns to luxurious fabrics to cheap and cheerful curry houses to Lebanese cafes that sell the best shawarma in the city.

So where in Satwa should you hang out? Al Diyafah Street in Satwa, for starters. It is one of the nicest cosmopolitan streets in Dubai that boasts of wide pavements, cafes by the dozens, and restaurants that offer cuisines from around the Middle East and the Asian subcontinent. Here are some names to look out for.

Ravi’s Restaurant: A long standing Pakistani restaurant is a prime pit stop for anyone in the neighbourhood. Famous for it’s ginger packed dal, tandoori chicken on the bone and fresh crisp-edged bread.

Deepak: Is a bespoke tailor man who is an expert at making suits and shirts. Select your fabric from a wide range of Italian wool, silk, cotton, linen, muslin and more and get clothes that are made to order. For best results, bring in the items so the design can be replicated or simply carry a photograph.

Pan De Manila: A Filipino bakery that serves freshly baked sweets and confectioneries cannot be missed. The chocolate crinkles, pandesal, ensaymada, hopia, pineapple pie and rolled cake Brazo de Mercedes are a must try.

cool things to do in Dubai

4. Stay at an Art Hotel

Boutique Art hotels are a familiar concept in the west. However, no one thinks of them in the Middle East. Most are not even sure if it exists in a place like Dubai which all about the superlatives.

Which is exactly why XVA Art Hotel in Dubai tucked away in alleyways of Bastakiya will pleasantly surprise you. The architecture, inspired by ancient methods boasts of open courtyards and wind towers ensuring the temperature is optimal without using artificial temperature control methods.

It consists of six rooms and are each designed by renowned local designers.

cool things to do in Dubai
5. Go Cycling

Next us on our list of cool things to do in Dubai is cycling. In a city that boasts of super fast cars and bikes, you’d be surprised to know that there is burgeoning cycling culture in Dubai.

But where should one go? Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park is your answer.

It’s a safe zone to cycle, and you can choose your distance starting from 4-kilometers to 8 kilometers. They also offer changing rooms, showers and lockers that you can use before and after your cycling workout. Cycling tracks for children are available too.

cool things to do in Dubai

6. The Safa Park

Rounding up our list of cool things to do in Dubai is a trip to the Safa Park, one of the oldest and largest green parks in Dubai. Frequented by nature lovers, families, couples, joggers, rollerbladers, yoga enthusiasts and kite-flyers the park is open from 8 AM to 11 PM. You can hire a boat to paddle in the lake, set up a barbecue and picnic with friends, play football and basketball and go running as they have a track. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your pets to this park. There are vending machines, a library, a cultural centre and a coffee shop too!

You can get to Safa Park by taking the metro and get off at Business Bay. From here, you either have to take a taxi or board bus number S20.

Enjoyed our list of cool things to do in Dubai? Great! Headout now and discover the magic of the Gulf.

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