Once On This Island
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Once On This Island is the Broadway musical celebration that sweeps us across the sea to a small village—where, in the aftermath of a great storm, a joyous new life begins.

Why See The Show

Based on a book by the same name, written by Lynn Ahrens, enter the world of the Caribbean and discover the life of an island divided by different social classes. A tale to move your heart, Tony Award nominee director Michael Arden transforms the tropical village into a fantastical world alive with hope. Filled with flamboyant Caribbean colors, themes, rhythms and dance, the vibrant play is brought to life by Tony Award winners Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens with their music and lyrics respectively.

Plot Synopsis

Follow the tale of Ti Moune, a fearless peasant girl, who falls in love with a wealthy boy. Divided by cultures and residing on opposite sides of the island, live the life of Ti Moune as she overcomes great adversity and cultural divide. A remarkable journey against all odds, will her quest see her reunite with the man of her dreams, or do the island gods have a different plan for her?

Cast and Creatives

  • Author/Playwright/Lyricist: Lynn Ahrens
  • Director: Michael Arden

Your Experience

Choose your own seats and enjoy unobstructed views of the show without having to stand in line to get the tickets. Come and gather around for Once On This Island —a triumph of the timeless power of theater to bring us together, moves your heart, and help you conquer life's storms.

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Ratings & Reviews
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Dec, 2017

The first time I read the reviews for Once on This Island, I was rather sceptical of what to expect. But unlike other expectations that fall flat, this one was raised to an even greater height after the first five minutes. WHAT a brilliant performance! Terrific crew and mind blowing songs... I'm planning to go once again before the holiday season kicks in.

Dec, 2017

What a delightful show! I went along with my children and wife and we were all humming the songs on our way back home. It is indeed like a breath of fresh air. The performers are gifted with the art of storytelling, and that itself keeps you captivated throughout the evening.

Dec, 2017

Lovely production! Booked via Headout website and was directed to the seating chart very efficiently. I'm technologically challenged most of the time, but I managed to do it just right! What's more, I was personally handed the tickets with a smile on arrival at the theatre. Seriously, who does this anymore? I'm super happy with my service.

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